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Amphibian Community

A stormwater treatment infrastructure that perform as public community space to help people adapt to flood rather than avoiding it.

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Bangkok's slum and several communities in Bangkok are usually built on marshy, flood prone land. This usually cause the area to be flooded. During the frequent rainstorms most slums often see the stormwater in their main drainage canals overflow onto their walking surfaces. These cause by slow water movement from plastic bags and other large rubbish that get wash and throw into the drainage canals. This project aim to facilitate slum to live with inevitable flood instead of avoiding it by creating a stormwater treatment infrastructure that perform as a community space to help people adapt to flood. The idea is to capitalizing on human movement as a source of energy to operate mechanical cleaning devices. physical activities by local residents, such as riding public exercise bicycles will help to move trash collection filters and promote water flow. Together with the inverse umbrella structure with hollow column that will perform as a rain water collector. The water collected will serve as a free water source for the whole community while the structure will provide shade, keep people dry when rain, cool the space below and also provide additional gathering space for local residents.


Local residents will get benefit from the infrastructure. They will have access to free clean water from the rain water collector to use for drinking, washing or even laundry. Additionally, they will have a better health from using the public exercise devices which will also help to make their canal cleaner. Kids will also benefit from the structure because the structure provide shade for sports and other community's activities.


  • Yes, for two or more years


  • I do not have experience working in a sector related to my idea


  • This idea is meant to inspire - I hope someone else takes it on!


I have interest in design and architecture as well as in psychology, I fascinated in social psychology and development in human behavior. I found that design&architecture and psychology are two fields of study which are very important for the society and also people will get a huge benefit from it.


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