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3D BioSPHERE Precision Farming for 10 Billion Mouths TODAY

Sustainable Precision Farming System: Low Carbon Low Footprint of Water-Fertilizer-Land-Labour-Waste

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Today Farming Technologies SUCKS, is UNsustainable. Poverty & Climate Warming Inducing with its Fury Hurricane-Tai Fun ( Big Wind), Floooding Sea Level RISE Using today AgTech based on coming Paris CoP21 of GHG-CO2 Emission Level Committments....Guarantees 5*C RISE .. to end Humanity faster . Those Fat Negotiators thinks we are in "Animal Farm" era today....seeking MORE CoP to go for "2 weeks Holidays" to talk Hot Air "You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." -R. Buckminster Fuller On Strictly CONFIDENTIAL Basis, our invention presents a earth shaking 9.0 Disruptive Technologies for 4F: Food-Feed-Fibre-Fuel for 10 Billion Mouths+100 Trillions Small Animals AnyWHERE 3D BioSphere Precision Farming for: >Food Security for SLUM+Global STOP Global Warming via CleanTech #99% Water Savings: NO RunOff-Evaporation-Percolation #Zero Chemical Fertilizers+Pest Control #NO NO2-GHG #NO Weeding >STOP DEFORESTATION-REGENERATION Culture of DESERT-SeaFRONT #Multi-Level VERTICALLY Farm-AnyWHERE #Up to 70% LESS LandPrint #Massive Output 100-10000X MORE 4F >SHORTEN SUPPLY CHAIN #Low FootMiles #Low Investment with Nano Irrigation subSystem Optional: STEM Zone Nano-Environmental Control


*SLUM Villages to Cities: EAT WELL *Cheaper Food *Less Poor, Hunger, Diseases as Farmers will UpGrade to Middle Class More Water for ALL Cooler Planet as LESS Chemical & FOSSIL FUEL Use More CO2 Capture+Sequestration with GLOBAL GREENING EVERYWHERE More Renewable BioMass, FOOD-FEED-FIBRE Bad for Pest+Weeds Bad for Parasitic Middle Men/Distribution Channels OPTIONAL Above Ground Plant BioSPHERE Control ACTION TEAM for Malaysia-Indonesia-Philippines-Thailand


Urban Slum is a tragic place where I Grew UP It is devoid of Human Rights........always at mercy of nature which are further degrated by expanding population with god blessings!! 3D BioSphere Farming for Sustainability Restores Human Rights. With Cool Cleaner Planet, we are now in CONTROL through *NO XTREME Weather *Use Renewal BioMass for Cooking-Cooling-Heating *Up BoP Social Mobility : US$1.25/day to Middle Class *Personalise Medi-Herbal Food: Healthier U *Insects Protein: UpCycling of Plant Matters *Less Medical Services NEEDED >Food Security With micro-biosphere " cleantech " control at rootzone, we can grow personalised ON-DEMAND Food Delivery System locally-regionally on 365 Days ALL Season with Water Security Included >STOP Global Warming via CleanTech Low Carbon Operation #Up to 99% Water Savings: NO RunOff-Evaporation-Percolation #No Pumps-Irrigation System for Most Perennial Plants #Less Weather Damage due to Droughts #Almost Zero Chemical Fertilizers+Pest Control #Healthy Growing from Seeds to Harvest >3D BioSPHERE. What LAND OWNERSHIP TITLES? #No more need for MORE land to grow crops. NOW grow Multi-layers of crops instead of ONLY ONE level. #It is the Magical Power of FILTERED LIGHT directed to where it is needed at the intensity to meet the cultivar requirement for OPTIMUM Output per leaf #No MORE Deforestation for Extra Land #Regeneration of Desert-Arid Land for BioDiversity & Home for ALL >LOW INVESTMENTS #Land-Higher Productivity 100-10000X MORE #Cheaper Automation-Green House #UnderUtilize Assest as Farm Location


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Engineer,BioTechnology ,CleanTech, Mgmt Consultant+Investor Chartered Engineer-Fellow Professional Engineer( Building + InfraStructure) Poka Yoke-Toyota System Expert Farming since Birth Since 5 yrs old *Explorer *Appropriate Technologist *Chef *Social Volunteering *Leadership


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With abundance of BoP ( incl Silver SuperPower ) manpower, all plant parts will be used for value add instead of allowing other supply chain to make money while the BoP gets peanuts today
All plant waste will be upcycle for new products eg insects meat proteins as feed, biofuel for Power Plants,meat mushroom for BioPharma/Food

Photo of Giok P CHUA

TQ for the similarity to the turning garbage into trees

Allow me to walk you through our Bio-Sphere Technology

Our basic engineered really sustainability low maintenance groWoW System is for AnyWHERE/TIME 365 days All Season.

We SAVE 99% Water, is Organic and no need to irrigate-water/pest control for its design cycle of 30/60/90/120/15/200 days to delivers ON-DEMAND the organic fertilizer-water-microbial control.
So no worry about weeding, plouding etc with other microtechnologies. The Rootzone can be control to produce off season crops anywhere without the foodmiles

Grrreat for Reforestation of Deserts, Seafront, Salty Land..........which we can Carbon Sequestration of 100Gte GHG-CO2 to bring the Global warming to a HALT towards 350ppm soonest

The 3D BioSpher is Vertical Farming ensure NO MORE Deforestation to restore the Bio-Diversity locally-regionally-globally
Also we can grow AnyWHERE on Building Walls, Lamp Post, Bamboo Poles etc

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I think there is potential cross-over here with this project

Again the local user access and collaborative elements of project generation can be enhanced to make this look more like a resilience building exercise that goes beyond infrastructure. I'd really like to see a discussion of the community end-user being brought out.