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Kid's Workshop: Treasuring Our Resources

Organize an event that includes livecam to a farm and other workshops for kids to encourage behavior change in sustainability.

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Marie and Cynthia 

How are you connected to Sunnyvale?

  • I visit Sunnyvale regularly.

What type of applicant are you?

  • Team

Stage of Development.

  • Early concept or idea (<few months of work)

What problem are you aiming to solve? (100 words)

We want to change behaviors toward the use of water, food and stuff by directing our efforts on educating children.

Tell us more about your climate strategy or solution (500 words)

We want to raise awareness of our resources by creating workshops for children at schools. For example, we can raise awareness to waste by creating sculptures or murals with garbage/recycled plastic. we can organize visits to farms and operate a live cam. we can create vegetable gardens in schools.The workshops can be adapted to the age and combined with a class. (art, science, etc.)

Describe how your solution could be a game-changer for your selected Opportunity Area (100 words)

We believe that the children can bring the message to their parents and help change the behaviors thanks to the awareness and best practices brought by these workshops.

Explain how your idea would be implemented in Sunnyvale (700 words)

We will consult with the deans of several schools and create a series of 2-hour workshops with the help of other stakeholders such as farmers, second hand shops, manufacturers of reusable items (clothe vegetable bags, portable utensils, cups and doggy bags; etc., artists, scientists, associations.

What kind of impact will your idea have? (250 words)

Children can learn at an early age not to waste resources and to reuse and recycle. We can give them best practices that can be directly implemented.

Scale: Describe how your idea could reach a significant number of people affected. (250 words)

We can reach the middle school students (6,000 students) and by extension their family (average family size= 3.15), therefore roughly 20,000 people.

Feasibility: Where are you with understanding the feasibility of your idea? Describe what you’ve done so far and your plans. (500 words)

Very early stage.

As you consider your next steps, what kinds of help could you use? Is there a type of expertise that would be most helpful? (300 words)

Meetings with teachers and professors to study the feasibility of this project: could such workshop fit the school's curriculum? Is there time in the calendar for such event? As we are dealing with kids, the legal aspects will have to be considered as well.

Are you willing to share your email contact information submitted on OpenIDEO with our partners?

  • Yes, share my contact information


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