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Environmental Fair

Provide idea for City of Sunnyvale CAP 2.0 plan. Volunteer during the fair with own booth.

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Tomasz Jasionowski

How are you connected to Sunnyvale?

  • I live in Sunnyvale.
  • I own a business in Sunnyvale.

What type of applicant are you?

  • Community member

Stage of Development.

  • Early concept or idea (<few months of work)

What problem are you aiming to solve? (100 words)

global warming

Tell us more about your climate strategy or solution (500 words)

I attended city hall drawdown event which inspired me to the following idea: City of Sunnyvale could organize environmental fairs in Sunnyvale. This could be done in collaboration / collocated with farmer’s market or in an alternative venue. The environmental fair would be presented via Sunnyvale residents booths or tables for Sunnyvale residents the fair would cover key areas on drawdown list that Sunnyvale residents could influence:
- Volunteer home owners that have solar panels could have stands showcasing their home installations and would be there to answer any questions on their experiences and advice (count me in)
- Volunteer electric car owners could similarly showcase their cars and their home charging stations.
- Two electric car owners could showcase how they minimize gasoline purchases and can still enjoy long trips (count me in)
- Volunteer home owners with low water gardens that don’t use any chemicals could showcase their gardens with organic food crops that promote biodiversity supporting birds bees lizards etc. (count my wife in) and micro regenerative agriculture
- Volunteer owners of refrigerators that don’t use HCFs would showcase them
- Pasture eggs and beef meat sellers could showcase their managed grazing and benefits to reducing global warming
- City of Sunnyvale could showcase highest impact energy savings / global warming fighting solutions and guidance for homeowners
- Stand for signing petitions to our senators to phase out HCF refrigerants in California
- Many more ideas could be added such as composting, promoting best food waste practices
This could be a quarterly event

Describe how your solution could be a game-changer for your selected Opportunity Area (100 words)

We could start reducing green house gasses from several areas of high impact.

Explain how your idea would be implemented in Sunnyvale (700 words)

See above

What kind of impact will your idea have? (250 words)

Significant acceleration of adoption of key drawdown ideas in Sunnyvale and regulatory changes in California via petitions from Sunnyvale residents.

Scale: Describe how your idea could reach a significant number of people affected. (250 words)

Environmental fair

Feasibility: Where are you with understanding the feasibility of your idea? Describe what you’ve done so far and your plans. (500 words)

I brainstormed this idea with my wife and added it here. If the idea got selected as part of CAP 2.0, I could volunteer with a booth for the fair and contribute to organizing it in a limited capacity over weekends.

As you consider your next steps, what kinds of help could you use? Is there a type of expertise that would be most helpful? (300 words)

Expertise from Drawdown organization would be very beneficial to both City of Sunnyvale and Drawdown team.

Are you willing to share your email contact information submitted on OpenIDEO with our partners?

  • Yes, share my contact information

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Hi Elaine,

This looks like a great event! I will be out of town this weekend, but can definitely meet for another event that might be happening or during the following weekends.

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