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Starts May 31, 2018
Announced Jul 10, 2018

Open Submission

The City of Sunnyvale invites you to submit ideas to help us meet our collective goal of becoming a carbon-neutral community through this online platform: the Innovate Climate Action in Sunnyvale Challenge

Top ideas will be incorporated into our updated Climate Action Plan (CAP 2.0), a comprehensive roadmap that outlines strategies to reduce our community’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Want to learn more? Visit the Challenge Brief page.

Ready to submit? Click the “Add your idea” button below and submit one or more ideas, in as little or as much depth as your time allows.

Four Opportunity Areas

We want to know how you think we can become a carbon-neutral community by changing:

Eligibility Criteria

We welcome ideas from community members who live, work, do business in, or regularly visit Sunnyvale. This includes newcomers, long-time Sunnyvale residents, those who own, manage, or work at large or small businesses in Sunnyvale, our youngest minds, our seasoned community leaders, and our seniors. We want to hear all voices from our diverse community: from those that are already taking climate-positive actions to those for whom it is not a priority. As you proceed with submitting an idea, please specify your relationship with Sunnyvale.

Evaluation Criteria

Impact (Carbon emissions reduction) - What is the current and anticipated carbon reduction offered by the proposed idea?

Cost - How much will it cost to the City, community, and others to implement this idea and to scale it across the city? Where will the funding come from?

Transformational - To what extent will this idea positively transform how people live and work in Sunnyvale (e.g., drastically or only a small change)?

Technical Feasibility - Does the technology exist today to support this idea, or is it anticipated in the future?

Time Needed to Implement - How long will it take to implement this idea (e.g., 1 year, 10 years, 30 years)?

Community Buy-in - Is the Sunnyvale community interested in this idea? How do you know?

Co-benefits - Does this idea provide other benefits (e.g., health, convenience, economic, resource conservation, and equity) aside from reducing carbon emissions? Does it improve the quality of life of our community members?

Additional Resources

If you would like more context about Sunnyvale and its previous commitments to reducing carbon emissions, please see the Additional Resources page.

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