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Urban Agricultural Internships & Design Program

A system of academic credit for students to design and run urban farms/food stands with paid internships.

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Written by

Community Workshop - Resource table - Alrie Middlebrook (California Native Garden Foundation; (owner of idea) 

How are you connected to Sunnyvale?

  • I work in Sunnyvale.

What type of applicant are you?

  • Community member

Stage of Development.

  • Idea with demonstrated evidence of impact (ready to expand beyond Sunnyvale)

What problem are you aiming to solve? (100 words)

reducing carbon and sequester it by making food more sustaianable/local, creating a connection between humans and their food

Tell us more about your climate strategy or solution (500 words)

Urban farm program aims to connect residents to their food by designing and running gardens.

Describe how your solution could be a game-changer for your selected Opportunity Area (100 words)

Getting kids involved and all who live nearby.

What kind of impact will your idea have? (250 words)

Sustainable food, knowledge about food/soil and carbon sequestration; local jobs and local food.

As you consider your next steps, what kinds of help could you use? Is there a type of expertise that would be most helpful? (300 words)

Marketing, siting

Are you willing to share your email contact information submitted on OpenIDEO with our partners?

  • Yes, share my contact information

Evaluation results

1 evaluation so far

1. From a range of 1-5, how interested/compelled are you to bring this idea into your own life or into the city?

1 - Not Interested - 0%

2 - 0%

3 - 0%

4 - 100%

5 - Very interested - 0%

2. From a range of 1-5, does this idea provide benefits aside from reducing carbon emissions?

1 - Low co-benefits - 0%

2 - 0%

3 - 0%

4 - 0%

5 - High co-benefits - 100%

3. From a scale of 1-5, what do you feel is the feasibility of this idea to work well in Sunnyvale?

1 - Not feasible - 0%

2 - 0%

3 - 100%

4 - 0%

5 - Very feasible - 0%

4. From a range of 1-5, what is your hunch about how much this idea will cost the Sunnyvale community to implement properly?

1 - High cost to the community - 0%

2 - 0%

3 - 0%

4 - 100%

5 - Low cost to the community - 0%


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