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Fast install solar

Modular, possibly prefabricated, standardized approach to solar installation.

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How are you connected to Sunnyvale?

  • I live in Sunnyvale.

What type of applicant are you?

  • Team

Stage of Development.

  • Idea with a working prototype

What problem are you aiming to solve? (100 words)

Attacking solar installation costs. Making it cheaper, and moving cap-ex to op-ex.

Tell us more about your climate strategy or solution (500 words)

Our initial product offering is solar PV gear, but we intend to extend that with a home energy system that takes advantage of EV batteries to give you an off-grid capability for marginal extra cost.

Describe how your solution could be a game-changer for your selected Opportunity Area (100 words)

A standardized modular approach to home energy makes a demand-response capable Smart Grid possible, and is much more cost efficient than adding a lot of storage to the grid. We offer energy security in the face of earthquakes and other natural disasters.

Explain how your idea would be implemented in Sunnyvale (700 words)

Many of the homes in Sunnyvale are CA standard ranch style architecture, and our PV framing is designed for those.

What kind of impact will your idea have? (250 words)

The key to saving the planet from AGW is generating enough clean energy to replace fossil fuels and also to capture the Carbon already in the atmosphere. That means building out solar, wind and wave power as fast as we can. The advantage of solar is you can generate where you use it, and take advantage of that for energy security, and leverage community schemes to make it pay.

Scale: Describe how your idea could reach a significant number of people affected. (250 words)

The approach makes solar cheaper and faster to install. It is intended to be integrated with EV batteries and other home electrical equipment to form a micro-grid for energy independence when needed. Target markets include disaster relief: places like Puerto Rico where infrastructure has been destroyed, we can rebuild bottom-up.

Feasibility: Where are you with understanding the feasibility of your idea? Describe what you’ve done so far and your plans. (500 words)

Picture is of a DIY prototype sitting on my roof. The high-tech pieces can be purchased off-the-shelf, local manufacturing will be used for prefabrication, non-expert labor for installs.

As you consider your next steps, what kinds of help could you use? Is there a type of expertise that would be most helpful? (300 words)

We would like to install prototype systems on group of homes to test the technology and complete the design work. Funding or volunteers to complete (mechanical) engineering design.

Are you willing to share your email contact information submitted on OpenIDEO with our partners?

  • Yes, share my contact information

Evaluation results

2 evaluations so far

1. From a range of 1-5, how interested/compelled are you to bring this idea into your own life or into the city?

1 - Not Interested - 50%

2 - 0%

3 - 0%

4 - 0%

5 - Very interested - 50%

2. From a range of 1-5, does this idea provide benefits aside from reducing carbon emissions?

1 - Low co-benefits - 0%

2 - 50%

3 - 0%

4 - 0%

5 - High co-benefits - 50%

3. From a scale of 1-5, what do you feel is the feasibility of this idea to work well in Sunnyvale?

1 - Not feasible - 0%

2 - 0%

3 - 0%

4 - 50%

5 - Very feasible - 50%

4. From a range of 1-5, what is your hunch about how much this idea will cost the Sunnyvale community to implement properly?

1 - High cost to the community - 0%

2 - 0%

3 - 0%

4 - 50%

5 - Low cost to the community - 50%

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Photo of Jérémie Gluckman-Picard

Hey Kevin Cameron Thanks for submitting this overview of your product. Did you know that you can also submit to the platform on behalf of your business?

I think that this proposal is missing some additional details about how your solar panel systems are different from others that are currently available on the market. How are your units cheaper and faster to install? How will this specifically empower Sunnyvale climate activists?

This other proposal Tours and Demos of Decarbonized homes/businesses might be good to partner with as you seek to increase the reach of your innovative approach.