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Integrate a mobile sexual and health reproduction services in the remote rural area in eastern DRC.

Create a mobile sexual and health reproduction package for self-management groups (VSLA) to reinforce vulnerable women access to health.

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What specific problem(s) are you trying to address?

The central problem this project intends to address is the inaccessibility to health care for a specific kind of women. They include survivors of sexual violence abandoned, Girls-mothers, and other vulnerable women. Their situation was exacerbated with conflict-related sexual violence and are not able to access health services. A recent study indicates that finding a new way of life and some dignity after the atrocities of rape was not easy, and all these survivors faced health challenges. Another recent study indicates that 80% of girls-mothers lived as concubines and are likely to contact infection diseases include HIV/AIDS. The lack of effective health system made thousands of thousand women are in danger.

What are some of your unanswered questions about the problem(s) you are working to address?

Women (85%) participate in the process of financial and social inclusion via savings groups. However, accessing health care and plan for their lives were constant battles for them that hindrance their effective integration. The lack of effective health system in a fragile state that is the DRCongo remains a terrible challenge.

Explain Your Idea

To avoid falling into the ineffective of the health system in the DRCongo, The project proposes a mobile sexual and health package. It includes PTMC (protection transmission Mother to child), VCT (volunteer counselling test), Family planning, Infection Transmis Deseasis, Mother & Child's health promotion (nutrition Identification & access to pre/post natal health) and orientation of fistula and other gynaecological issues (Hospital cost supported). The project will facilitate women access to health services that are not available in their communities. A good train health team can bring service to women in their community through the existing VSLA groups.

Name the three most important ways that your idea will address your identified problem(s).

First, the mobile sexual and healthy reproduction package brings in one VSLA reaches twenty to thirty families (two members of one family cannot be in one VSLA). In a such given community, VSLA's members are trained to raise awareness into the community based on previous success and this will influence change in the community. Secondly, women members of VSLA will participate in the improvement of their health conditions via discussion and focus group. And thirdly, it brings closer sexual and health production service to women who would not access to it due to the formal health system failure.

How is your idea unique?

The mobile sexual and health reproduction project bring the service to the real accurate beneficiary, in their environment, in their social group their living in. The idea goes beyond the fail health system as it gives direct appropriate service to people within their groups and their communities. Other existing services offer this service through a formal institution like health centre yet the majority of vulnerable women can not afford to access to such services because of insufficient financial resources, physical incapacity to walk, long distance between homes and health centres and other cultural barriers.

What are some outstanding concerns or questions that you have regarding your idea?

Some of the outstanding concerns are for instance the collaboration between the project and the formal health centre or hospital. This is the case of fistula or maternity needs during the implementation of the project. Another concern can be raised on the issue of the availability, for example, ARV, HIV test, and other inputs regarding different parts of the package.

Who are your end users?

Women as the first beneficiaries of the project are members of savings groups already established in five geographic area in the South Kivu province in eastern DRCongo. They include survivors of sexual violence and other vulnerable women (target for this project is women between 13 and 49 old) and girls-mothers members of VSLA groups.

Where will your idea be implemented?

  • Democratic Republic of Congo

What is the primary type of emergency setting where your innovation would operate?

  • Armed conflict

Tell us more about the emergency setting that you intend to implement in

This project will be implemented in the South Kivu (65 128 km2) in Eastern Congo. The conflict in the DRC is reputed to be a conflict in which the worst atrocities were committed since World War II. The DRC is one of the poorest countries in the world with 87.72% of the 67million population living in extreme poverty. Challenges are associated with the collapsed state where health infrastructures are weak.

What is your organization's name?

The organization's name is "ACTORS" stands to "ACT TOGETHER" from the French meaning "AGIR ENSEMBLE"

Tell us more about you.

ACTORS is a local Non-Government organization. It was named previously PAPROF (Women support and promotion program) but registered to the name of ACTORS. So we prefer used PAPROF/ACTORS as the domination. PAPROF (Programme d’Appui et Promotion de la Femme) established in 2003 in the South Kivu region of the DRC. PAPROF aimed to help victims of sexual based violence and establish ways of reintegrating victims back into communities and to them rebuild their lives in a sustainable manner. Recently, in order to update its strategic plan, the management team revised PAPROF's objectives. PAPROF become ACT TOGETHER and be registered as a local NGO in the South Kivu, DRC. It received fund from This Is EPIC (UK) and already create 81 VSLA.

Organizational Characteristics

  • Locally/community-led organization

What is the current scale of your proposed innovation?

  • Community - 1+ communities within 1 country

Experience in Implementation Country(ies)

  • Yes, for more than one year.

Expertise in Sector

  • Yes, for more than a year.

Organization Location

Our organization is a Non-Government Organization based in Bukavu, eastern DRC. Alike other organizations in the DRC, ACTORS operates with the provincial recognition as a NGO.

What is your organizational status?

  • Registered non-profit, charity, NGO, or community-based organization.

What is the maturity of your innovation?

  • Early Stage Innovation: exploring my innovation, refining, researching, and gathering inspiration.


The web site is and facebook is


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