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Mission New Nigeria aims to use the entertainment(dance drama, music etc) at IDP camps by inmates,as a tool for passing health information

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What specific problem(s) are you trying to address?

We want to give access to reproductive health information through a trusted source and community members to improve adoptability. So we will train ambassadors from each family in the IDP camps to reinforce the reproductive health information passed thrice weekly at drama nights by trained camp members who are also internally Displaced persons. The DREAM AGAIN PROJECT, designed for women in the Internally Displaced People’s (IDP) camps across Nigeria, it's conceived as a result of the need to improve the access to health information of IDPs. Statistics, in line with the 2016 national record on IDPs show

What are some of your unanswered questions about the problem(s) you are working to address?

1.what are the prevent access to reproductive health information? 2. How can we reach those women already displaced in a sustainable way so they can take the message back to their communities. 3 . what's the most potent medium to get this information across? 4. Who are the best people for the job to surmount cultural, religious, social and all other barriers?

Explain Your Idea

The project will be executed concurrently within the Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps. The project is totally volunteer-based. Over 200 volunteers are expected to be mobilized via online platforms and community outreaches. The DREAM AGAIN Project will be executed in sequence, thus: Sequence One (Medical Outreach) Provision of medical assistance to women who are already victims of the health hazards and other reproductive health issues. This will serve as a prelude to the program and help break through every perceptive cultural barrier. Sequence Two (Sensitization): 1.The Media using radio drama and other programs to encourage a favorable societal perception of the special needs of these women and the dangers of violence. 2.The camp members (volunteers) will be organized into drama and dance groups and through this right reproductive information will be passed thrice a week. This group will provide educative entertainment to all the camp members and officials. Sequence Three (Utility Aid): 1.Training a member of each family as resource person for reproductive health information and change ambassador. 2.Setting up a toll-free line these ambassadors can call to obtain accurate reproductive health information to disseminate. 3. Provision of basic eating utensils such as plates, spoons and cups labelled with reproductive health information 4.Provision of cloths such as wrapper and T-shirts with information.

Name the three most important ways that your idea will address your identified problem(s).

1. Use community meme as medium of outreach. 2. Use dance and drama to break cultural, religious and social barriers and penetrate with reproductive health information. 3. Education through entertainment is very effective as the "work of learning ' becomes invisible. The women will be equipped with adequate reproductive health information to make better choices. It will make the women advocates of the message they have imbibed. When these women leave the camp, the will leave with the message.

How is your idea unique?

1. This idea will leverage on the power of a very unifying force in African culture: music a drama. 2. The actors will love the thrill of stage, the audience will look forward to the drama nights, it will be like football where the fans just care about the game like the playerswhen it's actually a business. 3. The scripts will be written by us, the rehearsals will be supervised by use all the technical details. 4. There's no barrier against a good laugh so this will get the message deep down. 5. The solution is simple and non technical, we will pick camp members who are gifted in acting, inspiring to dream again,inspiring all the women to dream again. Each message will linger, a welcome break from the monotony of IDP camps 6.The tool of dance and drama disrupt no culture or religious beliefs, so we can easily gain access and trust. The idea will give unlimited access to reproductive health information, no restrictions, not even illiteracy,religion or culture can hold it back

What are some outstanding concerns or questions that you have regarding your idea?

We think about the best ways to bond with these women, to inspire a new a new spark in their eyes. We take this beyond the idea of a challenge but as a contact that can rebuild dreams and torn lives so we even believe that more can be achieved through this and we are committed to finding how. We believe thet the clime that produced a problem has in it also, the solution.We desire to work with these women,modifying our ideas with their inputs to help them better. So we value flexible solutions

Who are your end users?

The first beneficiaries are women in the IDP camps who will have a better quality of life. 2. The health system will be less burdened. 3. Children can now enjoy better parenting. 4. The community, society and government will reap all the benefits of an enlightened women fold. 5. The target group are all the women in IDP camps and their communities( about one million, realistically, we will reach about half of the members of each IDP camps if this last for up to six months. this is possible because music can be mass produced as it is passed on. The same drama can be repeated again. Each woman drawn to this theatre production will leave a item like a hand band with info inscribed, this is a reminder and mark of those reached.

Where will your idea be implemented?

  • Nigeria

What is the primary type of emergency setting where your innovation would operate?

  • Armed conflict

Tell us more about the emergency setting that you intend to implement in

The DREAM AGAIN PROJECT, designed for women in the Internally Displaced People’s (IDP) camps across Nigeria, is a family intervention program of Mission New Nigeria (MNN. The Boko Haram insurgency in Niger has displaced many. Statistics, in line with the 2016 national record on IDPs shows that about 1, 544 418 women in Nigeria fall within this category. With little or no access to reproductive health information due to poor humanitarian condition, cultural and religious biases etc.

What is your organization's name?


Tell us more about you.

Mission New Nigeria is an NGO that had been in operation for about seven years. Primarily powered by youth who are passionate about making a positive contribution to nation building. We have worked with young people, adults and children in medical outreaches, designing a youth health held policy in partnership with other groups for the Ebonyi state government. Each year we champion a programme called "good morning Nigeria" to rekindle the patriotic spirit and encourage "think contribution"

Organizational Characteristics

  • Indigenous-led organization
  • Youth-led organization

What is the current scale of your proposed innovation?

  • Community - 1+ communities within 1 country

Experience in Implementation Country(ies)

  • Yes, for more than one year.

Expertise in Sector

  • Yes, for more than a year.

Organization Location

We are registered and located in Ebonyi State, Nigeria,West Africa.

What is your organizational status?

  • Registered non-profit, charity, NGO, or community-based organization.

What is the maturity of your innovation?

  • Existing Prototype or Pilot: Tested a part of my solution with users and am iterating.


Mission New Nigeria


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Hi Samson, thanks for contributing to the Challenge!

Would love to learn a little bit more about your pilot or prototype of this project. How many people we involved, for how long, etc? What did you learn that you hope to take forward in the next iteration of your work?

Also I couldn't get the facebook link for your organization to work, would you mind including in here in the comments section?

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