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A Project To Provide Comprehensive Sexual And Reproductive Health Services To Girls And Women

- Moral commitment in implementing the idea in collaboration with other liked minded actors - fostering transparency and accountability

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What specific problem(s) are you trying to address?

(i) Creating awareness among Maasai girls about: - Gender Based Violence (GBV) especially Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) - Early and forced marriages that leads to early pregnancy (which may threaten women’s health) - Maternal health. (ii) Part of creating awareness would be through: - Provision of Family Planning Services at the HIMS dispensary - Family planning awareness creation - Family Planning outreaches - Counseling of survivors of GBV - Securing for capacity Building possibilities - Training on life skills as well as SRHRs/Right to Health

What are some of your unanswered questions about the problem(s) you are working to address?

- Why are harmful traditional practices (HTPs), encouraged by all levels of the community among the Maasai community? - How do we put up sustainable programmes to rescue girls running away from forced marriages? How to do we offer safe homes to these girls in an environment of hard economic hardships? - Where do we get resources to take care of these girls? The numbers keep on rising and the cost of their upkeep and school fee is a big headache?

Explain Your Idea

Our idea is to advocate for sexual and reproductive health and rights by terminating Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), early and forced marriages among the Maasai girls and women. Involvement of different community members to relate FGM and violation of women's right to sexual health working towards ownership of the entire process by the community members themselves towards sustainability and employment of different strategies as a remedy.

Name the three most important ways that your idea will address your identified problem(s).

-Creating awareness to the Maasai girls to see the GBV especially FGM, early and forced marriages that leads to early pregnancy which threatens women’s health. It would be important to sensitize the girls about their body anatomy especially the expected changes in their bodies during adolescence (such as menstrual periods) to avoid falling in unnecessary traps. - Establishment of peer educators who will be acting as multipliers in the Communities even when they are not in School but to replicate what they have learn as good practices but also reach out those who for some cultural reasons are the victims/survivors of disasters namely FGM, early and forced marriages and early pregnancies. - There is a need for rescue center but this sho

How is your idea unique?

This we have a unique approach compared to others in that, we are responding to the felt needs of the Survivors and in cooperate raditional birth attendants alternative income generating initiatives e.g. Isiolo sheep to give lots of milk which they can sell instead of engaging in FGM. This has encouraged them to denounce this practice. - A furnished half way house to act as emergency accommodation for rescued girls/ survivors of GBV and FGM as we look for family placement. This is a first one in Maasai Land. - Involve the community members such as the elders, local leaders, traditional leaders, and religious leaders at different levels, mothers and the girls, to come up with a collective solution and agree to adopt less harmful, acceptable, and sustainable gender sensitive rites of passage. The elders are very conservative hence they would like to be respected hence we use the approach of FGM campaign addressing at the health consequences not culture

What are some outstanding concerns or questions that you have regarding your idea?

-Alternative rites of passage - gender sensitive proposals -Existing mechanisms to deal with both perpetrators and survivors of Gender base violence - accessibility, reliability, corruption free. -Enforcement of existing policies and laws - contradictory laws e.g. marriage act of 1971, limitations Sexual Offenses Special Provision Act (SOSPA) article 169 A 1998 -Existing myths- reasons for the practice threatening women's health - Deep rooted tradition - needs multifaceted approach

Who are your end users?

- Girls subjected to Gender Based Violence. FGM in particular. - Girls subjected to early and forced marriage - Teenage Mothers - Women who are the survivors of Gender Based Violence (GBV)

Where will your idea be implemented?

  • Tanzania

What is the primary type of emergency setting where your innovation would operate?

  • Extreme drought
  • Community at risk of disaster
  • Other

Tell us more about the emergency setting that you intend to implement in

Cultural - fear of isolation and rejection especially to victims that their children would not be married, - Maintenance of status quo - Polygamy is allowed after FGM Politically - Lack of political will - fear of loosing power and popularity Economically - persisting poverty due to several factors - mutilators through the practice; fathers maintain their status through bride price (cattle) - FGM prerequisites to early and forced marriages; early pregnancies Hardship zone due to dr

What is your organization's name?

Health Integrated Multisectoral Services (HIMS)

Tell us more about you.

We are an NGO which is non racial, non partisan, non religious that believes in networking and collaboration to avoid overlapping but also to optimize the scarce resources to the desired change. Advocacy for agender and Human Right activist, highly motivated to advocate for the well being of most vulnerable groups especially girls and women, in facilitating the process to achieve sustainable change using Human Rights based approach. Emphasis is geared toward enabling community members in the areas where Harmful Traditional Practices exist to transform their mindset for a just society The Transformation is of Hearts, Minds and curb Poverty.

Organizational Characteristics

  • Women-led organization
  • Locally/community-led organization

What is the current scale of your proposed innovation?

  • Community - 1+ communities within 1 country

Experience in Implementation Country(ies)

  • Yes, for more than one year.

Expertise in Sector

  • Yes, for more than a year.

Organization Location

Registered in Dar-ES-Salaam and based in Arusha Region

What is your organizational status?

  • Registered non-profit, charity, NGO, or community-based organization.

What is the maturity of your innovation?

  • Roll-out/Ready to Scale: Completed a pilot and am ready / in process of expanding.


Temporarily www. (under development)

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