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What can we learn by searching outside the “renewables idea´s box”?

Innovation often comes from an intersection, remix and/or transposition of ideas. "If you look at history, innovation doesn't come just from giving people incentives; it comes from creating environments where their ideas can connect." Steven Johnson

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What´s the connection with a team developing a CPV and an IT company?

Airlight Energy partnered with IBM, because of their knowledge on refrigeration, which is a vital aspect for their project´s success.

URL:  Airlight’s Gianluca Ambrosetti on how IBM is combining CPV to create a multi-pronged approach to power

How? What tools are out there?

A lot of contributions mentioned topics like: empowering people by giving access to data, letting people aggregate demand and supply (as producers or buyers), managing the grid, connecting people and resources.

All of this is dispersed data that that needs to be transformed in information to be used.

Artificial intelligence is now available in beta, under a freemium, model where it's free to get started.

Watson Analytics -

On Tech Crunch:
IBM’s New Watson Analytics Wants To Bring Big Data To The Masses

Finding Patterns…

The disruption of the energy markets has a lot of similarities with what happened with Telecom companies a few years ago. In Europe, usually, energy, water, telecommunications were provided by a solo state owned provider. When opening the sector to competition, all these sectors have the same problem to deal with: pricing the access to the infrastructures.

* “An important component of policies to promote effective competition among all segments of network industries (such as electricity, telecommunications, or railways) is a regulatory environment guaranteeing that competitors have access to the services of potential bottleneck facilities too costly to duplicate. Rules covering fair access to these facilities-including fair access prices-generally improve economic efficiency by easing competition in markets both upstream and downstream from the bottleneck. Appropriate access pricing rules are especially needed when a dominant firm controls the supply of one or more inputs-for example, gas transportation, electricity transmission, local telecommunications access, or railway track-vital for its competitors. “

URL: * Antonio Estache and Tommaso M. Valletti, 1999, The Theory of
Access Pricing: An Overview for Infrastructure Regulators, Policy Research Working Papers,The World  Bank


Perspective and how one small finding can change the way we see.


One of the more interesting examples of how one idea, finding can be translated, inspired with not connect – at first view – areas can be found in Pointillism. Also it is a reminder that we have to take a step back to understand the whole picture.

Chevreul, Michel Eugène (1855). The Principles of Harmony and Contrast of Colours, and Their Applications to the Arts

The Story of Goldilocks and the three bears

One size does not fit us all.

Needs are different in a rural village in Africa from a city in Europe.

The law of diminishing marginal utility states that as a person increases consumption of a product - while keeping consumption of other products constant - there is a decline in the marginal utility that person derives from consuming each additional unit of that product.
Some solutions may work depending on key incentives or local features.

Weather conditions (as Direct Normal Irradiance (DNI) for solar), incentives (as feed in tariffs), etc change across the globe, so will make sense to explore solutions according to its local users and ecosystem.

Glocal concept (Think Globally and Act Locally)

Think about McDonald’s menu differences across the globe.



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Hi. Diana! thank you for your hard work for this research, I impresed with it.

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Thanks :) Always have fun searching for new things.

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