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Use Bicycles for more

We use powered transportation for things we could just use bicycles for. Renewable healthy and fun, let use bicycles in more cities for more things from casual commenting to practical solutions. In brussels they are finding that bicycle couriers are often faster than car couriers.

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Bicycles are the ultimate in efficient healthy and renewable solution to energy problems. It just takes a little effort and perhaps some infustructural help to make bicycles an easy awesome aid to meet the need for less power used in transportation. All power used has a large amount of inefficiencies however the only heat lost in bikes are body heat and gear friction. Lets make bicycles the right and smart thing to do. 


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Hey Scott!
I think using bikes and encouraging alternative transportation to cars are a fast problem solving method. I would also bring in discussion the idea that municipalities can and should encourage bike usage. Projects like Citibike in Nyc, or Barclay Bike in London are great starts for this endorsment.

I would also suggest you to watch Urbanized, which is a great documentary about urban design. You will quickly see how mayors are trying to change habits in order to endorse cycling, walking.

So my question is how might we rethink transportation in order to save energy?

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