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The most available renewable energy source is the person himself!But not in the rain! And not in the winter! The most common on the planet transport this bike! But not in the rain! And not in the winter! We can solve two problems at once!

All technologies have already been created. And you can get very quickly own a comfortable, four-wheel, all-weather, all-season bike. Then the most affordable source of energy will always be with you! You can use every day, this source to solve their transport problems. This lightweight and comfortable, you can create a bike for a few months. Then this experience can be extended to the community of the whole planet. Small-scale production can be adjust in the most remote places. The average power of one person about 150 watts. On the planet of 7 billion. Most of them will need such practical problems of the two! Then mankind will have 525 megawatts a day! Or more than 190 gigawatts per year! We must unite our efforts and modern technology.

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Sealed design protects you from dust, dirt, rain and snow. The proposed design - this is the maximum simplicity and the minimum weight of the whole structure. Therefore, the acquisition cost is also minimal. It saves your time and support your physical activity on the way to work or study without exercise bike. Healthy ergonomics for your body. You sit comfortably in the normal position. Proper design of the seat protects your intimate area and the spine from the damaging effects of conventional bicycle saddle. Easy to customize for any growth from 150 to 195 cm. My hobbies - generate ideas and implement them. I have a lot of experience in production and management. The idea came to me 30 years ago. Then I worked as a miner, and the evening was at university. And a lot of time spent traveling to work in the university. Sleep and rest remained 4 - 5 hours. Buy a car failed. All the money went to support a family. My wife gave birth to a daughter. Thirty years ago, the technology did not allow me time to realize the idea. We must realize this opportunity to make your life easier. Use for yourself and recommend to your friends.

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