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SolarWall technology will perform at an optimal efficiency

The SolarWall technology is a solar air heating system that heats building ventilation air and enhances indoor air quality. SolarWall systems can help to reduce your living expenses and require no maintenance more than 40 years. It helps to reduce 20%-50% traditional heating related green house gas emissions. SolarWall systems can be used for many purposes, walls or roofs are the common places where SolarWall systems embedded in. In addition, it can offset ordinary heating fuels and therefore provide a direct source reduction of carbon dioxide emission. More specifically, it generates annual carbon dioxide savings of one ton for each five squaremeters of collector.

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Overall, a large amount of research and experience shows that whatever the design considerations may be, the SolarWall system will perform at an optimal efficiency.


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A great idea! it will definitely retains heat better than solar panel on rooftop.

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Thank you :)

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Interesting stuff, Cathy. With our focus on this challenge on communities – do you know of any communities who are using this technology and how they're finding it? We'd love to collect human-centered insights on technology were referencing on this challenge. You might even find folks who are using various technologies and interview them with our Interview Toolkit:

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