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Samsø Island - 100% Renewable

Samsø island off the coast of Denmark appointed by the EU as a "Best Practice" is a well known case study that shows the extent how grass-root movements can organize feasible and effective bottom-up solutions for renewable energy adoption.

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Samsø is a good example where renewable energy has been largely adopted for quite some time. Its inhabitants has joined together and organised an autonomous community which effectively has become completely self-sufficient (electricity) from renewable sources.

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There is an excellent New Yorker article that interviewed the residents of Samsø-- what worked, what didn't, what drove them over the span of 10 years:

“We always hear that we should think globally and act locally... I understand what that means—I think we as a nation should be part of the global consciousness. But each individual cannot be part of that. So ‘Think locally, act locally’ is the key message for us.”- Søren Hermansen, head of the Samsø renewable energy island project.

“People on Samsø started thinking about energy,” Ingvar Jørgensen, a farmer who heats his house with solar hot water and a straw-burning furnace, told me. “It became a kind of sport.”

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