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Open data has the power to transform and create a better future for everyone.

Still, only makes sense if it can be understood and used. Data can empower people to turn it into useful knowledge and use it to promote a real world impact, by having access to the information they need to understand and shape the world around them.

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- Open and simple Data: better choices (increasing the perceived benefit);

- Empowering people to make decisions and choose what they value the most;

- Using differentiation rather than just overall price as a driver;

- Engaging: letting people choose and interact with data according with their preferences.

Some examples:


"The ND-GAIN Index, a project of theUniversity of Notre Dame Global Adaptation Index (ND-GAIN), summarizes a country's vulnerability to climate change and other global challenges in combination with its readiness to improve resilience. It aims to help businesses and the public sector better prioritize investments for a more efficient response to the immediate global challenges ahead"


Energy charts -  Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE

"The site allows you to interactively customize the graphs to your own needs: You can select one or more energy sources or switch between graphs with absolute or percent values. 

By making the data available on this website, it is our intent to promote transparent and objective discussions relating to all factors regarding the energy transformation in Germany."


Mapping the global frontiers for clean energy investment

"Explore and assess the investment climate and policies for clean energy investments in 55 emerging markets in Africa, Asia, and in Latin America and the Caribbean offered by the Climatescope 2014 – a unique country-by-country assessment, interactive report and index"


The people making this possible: 

"Development Seed builds tools to solve problems with data"


"Flipside is a web development agency based in Lisbon, building tools for organisations that create social impact"


You can also find other tools, datasets, etc at:


Join the conversation:

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Hi Diana, thanks for joining the conversation! It's great the video in your post mentions different use cases for open data and how it is enabling people to understand more about their surroundings. Do you have any initial thoughts on a new application of open data to help empower communities to lead the change to renewable energy? You can develop them more in the ideas phase of course, but would be exciting to hear what your thoughts are about where we might start.

Photo of Diana Vieira Fernandes

Hi Deborah. Thanks for the teaser :)

Here are two ideas (among others) that could be tried, improved (in the end of day we all have inspiration by each other).


If energy it´s not all the same; why are we still using the commodities´ pricing approach?

Why not, using differentiation rather than just overall price as a driver?

If you think how the estimated value estimation can be increased for renewables, there are several sources of inspiration in other industries:

-Manufacturing and human rights (cost of wages)

-Premium over “certificate of Origin” – Food and Beverages Industry;

-Certifying Sustainable policies, as Fair Trade certification


Information, with the right tools – where people can interact easily - will empower individuals and communities.

“Measurement is the first step that leads to control and eventually to improvement. If you can’t measure something, you can’t understand it. If you can’t understand it, you can’t control it. If you can’t control it, you can’t improve it.”― H. James Harrington

If you link with the fact that we a moving to a digital and social economy (power of social networks) and have the tools to track progress (power of global and external awareness and monitoring). Add it up with the change in the energy sector, where a more liberalized market can help this kind of disruption.


The re:dy app it´s an example how data can be used by individuals: for saving, motoring their own consumption.

Photo of Meena Kadri

We know it's a crazy time of year – but our team thought you're onto something here which could translate well into a new concept for our Ideas phase. You've got till Jan 15 to summons the creative energy to post an idea. Here's some tips: and we hope you'll find some time to get your innovation game on!

Photo of Diana Vieira Fernandes

Thanks, Meena. Already is work in progress:
(I will try to link this and other concepts written on the Research phase :)