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My Energy score was below 5. Then I added my average travel information and that changed everything...

I try to be energy conscious. I have a timer in the shower to not use too much water and electricity. I don't heat my apartment in the winter-- I live in Phoenix AZ, its plenty warm with a hoodie and a small, efficient space heater. I live 4 miles from work. I ride my bike in the spring and fall. I have an efficient car. All told, a pretty low energy use, low carbon footprint lifestyle... But I also travel. A lot. I fly a lot for my job and for my time off. And when I calculated my energy usage using the National Geographic calculator, the results were quite interesting. My lifestyle was practically under 5 until I added that I fly, and it doubled to 11.97, the regional average being 9.37 and the national average being 10...

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The interesting find here is that despite taking action to try and be below the national average for enegy usage and carbon footprint, the traveling that I do puts me above the national and regional averages. 

Traveling by plane requires a huge amount of energy, but despite this it is the fastest way of getting from point A to point B. 

While I am sure there are further actions that one could take to further reduce energy cosumption/ carbon footprint outside of traveling, I do question whether or not the energy usage of traveling has to remain constant. 

Are there ways that we could use renewables to reduce, even just a little bit, the energy it takes to fly? 

With the magnitude of energy that is used by flying, even a small reduction could make a huge difference. What could we envision through the use of renewables to help make this difference? 

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