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Geothermal energy for North America

Geothermal can rival controversial B.C. dam in affordability, power generation: industry B.C. should put off its decision on the proposed Site C project to allow time to study geothermal alternatives, says a geothermal industry group, citing a new study that concludes such projects could meet all of the province’s future power needs. In a report released Tuesday, the Canadian Geothermal Energy Association said a “portfolio” of geothermal facilities could be built for less money than the projected $8-billion cost of Site C while generating similar amounts of power. In addition, it would have other advantages over a single, big dam, including a smaller environmental footprint and the generation of heat as a byproduct.

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Site C is a project proposed by our really stunned BC provincial government to supposedly provide energy for the pipeline projects although the province is claiming it is for needed  consumer use (not true0  The above organization is attempting to gain public notice and draw attention to the potential  of geothermal energy which in fact is available throughout North America and  the Canadian Geothermal Energy  Association has identified spots on the continent where this is a potential
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