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Energy City Network

Energy City Network is an online design platform for sharing, discussing and learning about green buildings.

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New home owners and landlords are interested in renovating their homes or any buildings as a matter of fact. This particular design was selected as on of the top 25 ideas at Schneider Electric's Go Green in the City at Paris.
Two participants were - Rishabh Ladha and Priyanka Botny

During the research phase, we worked on calculating carbon footprints. Calculating the amount of carbon eliminated in an area will help us recycle, renew and rebuild sustainable buildings with green designs.We also interviewed local green building owners in Bangalore. Notable green owner in Bangalore is by Stanley Joseph.


Go Green in the City Challenge 2011

Key Learnings:

1. A social discussion forum can help us create more green designs with efficient give back.
2. Common people will be engaged to make their customized designs to either sell them or use them for themselves.
3. The monetization factor comes into picture when home owners prepare a brand value for tenants to occupy the buildings.
4. An online simulator that co-exists with the other partial designs like will help promote interactive methods of green innovation.
5. Share, Discuss, Learn, Create and Buy/Sell are the key charateristics of the social innovation platform which is exclusively available online and on mobile phones.

Idea Phase Plan:

Our plan for the idea phase is to gather more information about our project - E.C.N (2011) and it would be interesting to re-open the winning idea in 2014-15


1. How can we adopt new green practices and make it attractive for people to buy/sell designs online?
2. How can we check for renewable/non-renewable resource consumption?
3. Green Building Associations and Certificates are not available for common people in developing countries. How can we make it available to all?

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