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Different types of Renewable Energy

The reason why we are posting this article is because it lists all sorts of renewable energy sources. Some examples are: Hydropower, Geothermal Energy, Wind energy, Solar Energy, and Biomass Energy. These five different types of renewable energy sources are not the only ones but they are a major contribution to the world of energy.

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One question this raises for us is what we can do to use these rapidly.The key learnging of this article iis just what there is to use and how it works.


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Hello Samantha. Utilizing the pros and cons of these 5 renewable energy sources will be critical. The fun of this challenge will come in delving into what proves to be appropriate in individual communities as well as the different climate regions.

For example: I live in north eastern Ohio. Because of our proximity to Lake Erie, it is very cloudy and rainy here. Solar energy might not be the wisest choice in comparison to wind power. We're also near a lot of farmland so, the utilization of Biomass could be effective as well.

Can you think of other areas that would benefit from certain types of renewable energy over others?

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Great provocation, Alisha! Samantha – we'd love it if your team might expand your post with this in mind as it could trigger a really interesting conversation! You can update your post at any time by hitting the Update Entry button up there on the right. And here's more tips on packing some punch with your post: :^)