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Crowdfunding Solar Power in Communities

The People’s Solar works to empower its local community in Australia to build community-scale renewable energy through local funding.

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Money is donated as a tax deductible gift or invested for a financial and social return. The more that is donated, the more can be reinvested in the community over time.

Step One:
Lots of people give a little, either as tax deductible donations or as a financial investment.

Step Two:
The solar panels are paid for and installed by The Peoples’ Solar.

Step Three:
A little goes a long way, with savings on energy bills reinvested in your community for 25 years.

To see a video outlining their first ever project with The Castlemaine Childcare Center, click here.


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Photo of Meena Kadri

Awesome share, Selina. Oh those savvy Australians! We're not doing to badly across the ditch here either: :^)

Photo of Selina McPherson

Love that Meena! What's in the water down there? ;)

Photo of Tosh Szatow

Hi Selina, I see things have moved on to the Ideas phase - do we automatically get included in that? or do I need to load up our projects? All the best and happy 2015!

Photo of Meena Kadri

Hey Tosh! You'll need to add them over on our Ideas phase: plus check out our themes: We're excited about what you'll come up with...

Photo of Tosh Szatow

Thanks Meena! Have uploaded now. Let's see where it goes :)

Photo of Selina McPherson

Great Tosh! Looking forward to seeing your awesome ideas :)

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