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Coming Soon: Solar less expensive than the grid!

Once thought of as a luxury, rooftop solar prices have been falling for years and is becoming an increasingly affordable option. In fact, it'll soon be as cheap or cheaper than relying on the grid.

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According to a report by Deutche Bank, 47 states in the US will reach "grid parity" for solar by 2016, up from only 10 states at the moment. That means, rooftop solar will cost the same, or less, as grid power. This assumes some level of continued government subsidies, however if credits fall to just 10%, grid parity will still be likely in 36 states. 

So what does this mean? If solar becomes as affordable or even cheaper than just buying electricity from the grid, what's to stop more individuals and businesses from going solar? The myth that solar is only a rich people's option might hold back some communities from realizing the potential of solar to save money, but probably not for long. According to the Internation Energy Agency, solar will become the largest single source of energy in the world by 2050. Currently, solar accounts for less than 1%. The rapid transition is happening.

How will your community take advantage of this enormous opportunity?


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There's so much potential in solar. And similar to the way user behaviour is changing when it comes to purchasing electric cars, I think with cheaper panels, government subsidies, and more community education on the benefits of renewables, then the uptake will increase massively!