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Can Accessible Information Prompt Action?

The Stanford Energy Journal makes advanced concepts and novel ideas in the energy landscape more accessible to the general public, hopefully sparking conversations and future action.

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Published online under the Stanford Energy Club, the Stanford Energy Journal is a student-run publication that curates two issues per year, each focusing on a single pressing energy and environmental topic.

The publication draws from cutting-edge research from faculty and student, expert opinions from professionals in the industry, and the newest ideas from thought leaders in the field to provide a comprehensive insight into the business, policy, and technical aspects of an issue in the energy field. Needless to say, the publication is free and available to the public.

As one of the Editor-in-Chiefs of the Journal, my goal is to make new information readily accessible for energy enthusiasts, thus inspiring conversation and action through a thorough understanding of the energy issue. In the past, we have curated issues on nuclear energy, natural gas, grid storage, and sustainable transportation.

Our latest issue, titled “Rethinking the Grid”, focuses on the future of the utilities sector and questions the status quo; we break down the Big Data applications to the grid, the role of renewables in our future energy mix, and discusses how developing countries can benefit from solar generation in simple terms.

To me it is important that the public understand new developments in energy in order to make sound decisions in their lives, whether that is in their homes or in the political scene. Like many contributors here, I think that a more informed community is key to the adoption of renewable energy. That is why, in conjunction with the release of our latest issue, we hosted a roundtable discussion with experts who works in the utilities sector, as consultants or practicing professionals, where over 40 students engaged in lively discussions and debate about the state of the utilities.

Open forums such as these are key to getting the community excited about energy - the interactions with working industry people both ignites and informs the students’ passion the field. 

Going forward, we are tasked with the challenge of getting people to take action through information and I'm personally drive to answer some of these questions:
  • Is it possible that simple understanding can nudge people towards environmentally responsible decisions?
  • What roles do news media and other publishing sources play and how can they help make an impact?
  • How can we do engage different communities through information, ones that might not be as well connected as a university or corporation?

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Fantastic provocations Paricha, can't wait to see where these go during the Ideas phase.

Photo of Paricha Duangtaweesub

Thanks Jes! I'm taking all the comments to heart and combining them with research from fellow OpenIDEO-ers - we'll see what this can become!

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