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By 2020: Safe, Green, Affordable, Small, Liquid-Fuel "Nuclear 2.0" Reactors will Replace Fossil-Fuel Electricity Generators & will also "Eat" existing Spent-Fuel Waste, from earlier reactors. (Interested? Get app "Thorium" remix.)

By ~2020, Safe Liquid-Fuel "Nuclear 2.0" reactors will eat existing spent-fuel waste. We must study the differences between Safe, Liquid-Fuel "Nuclear 2.0" Reactors -vs- earlier (Fukushima-era) designs that use costly, inefficient Solid Fuel-Rods. While a Horse may look like a Mule, they are significantly different. We'll have -new- "nukes" soon, so: + Don't say "No Nukes" but + Begin to "Know Nukes" afresh! :-) Inherently-Safe "Nuclear 2.0" reactor-cores will be smaller, factory-built, truck-transportable, green & "energy dense" enough to help us significantly reduce our greenhouse-gas emissions & help us preclude more Climate Change disasters. Now, go Study, Debate & Understand the Safe, NEW "Nuclear 2.0" Energy option.

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After viewing "An Inconvenient Truth" I sought out ways to cut our CO2 emissions.

Shai Agassi's talks on Electric Vehicles w/ Swappable Batteries ( & YouTube) convinced me that electric vehicles brought much more efficiency & also distributed power, eg, for emergencies, in battery swap stations; but his died.

I found David MacKay's TED-talk & book "Sustainable Energy - Without the Hot Air" (free in PDF, from, & I realised we need some Very High Energy-Dense, Green Energy solutions to preclude Global Warming.

Kirk Sorensen's 10-min TED-talk opened me to Safe "Nuclear 2.0" (although Kirk focused on a longer-term form: energy from Thorium, set to come after Molten Salt Reactors (MSRs)).

So, my passion is Safe, Green, Small, Liquid-Fuel "Nuclear 2.0" Reactors; in particular, Molten Salt Reactors (MSRs).

Very recently, I found a Canadian company - Terrestrial Energy - on YouTube channel "TerrestrialMSR"

Their CTO - Dr David LeBlanc - describes the technical features & why we need what I call "Nuclear 2.0" in some of the talks in that channel.

TEI's CEO has a short video - given at the Economy Club of Canada - that gives the business side of the story, as well as the challenges.

China, India, Taiwan & now Canada all have MSRs projects running, with similar goals. Oil-rich Norway (the smart country, that's been setting aside portions of their oil revenues in recent years) has created a Thorium R&D Lab.

I think we'll be enjoying the benefits of Safe "Nuclear 2.0" MSRs, Energy from Thorium, & Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors (MSRs), soon enough to turnaround Global Warming, ie, if we take the time to study "Nuclear 2.0" & let energy-intensive Fusion research wait.

Don't take it only from me. Get & use app "Thorium" remix to view ~20 videos, of interviews, opponents, & those who aim to Make "Nuclear 2.0" So, perhaps be other names, as well as tours of lab's where MSR's were proven to work safely, eg: Oak Ridge National Lab.

If you find any reasons NOT to embrace "Nuclear 2.0" let us know; otherwise, help the world move away from fossil fuels, with Molten Salt Reactors (MSRs) of some form.


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IVI Grupp, people who know about and support the development of "new" and better nuclear technology seem to me to be screaming from the sidelines. I am proposing that we bring this discussion to the mainstream, since there are ZERO better ideas for how to get from the nearly 33 Million Metric Tons of carbon emissions produced in the world each year down to a sustainable level using a safe, scaleable clean energy source. Would you like to join this team?

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