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Algae: renewable fuel

Algae has become the future ideal renewable fuel to replace fossil fuel.

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People are searching the ways to make energy source renewable. Then algae become expectable biofuel replace fossil fuels. Because the algae require ample sunlight, some companies build algae glass wall around office building to provide the energy they need. Another benefit of algae is it can absorb carbon. So people can use algae to purify the air in the office. 


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It is a great idea that use algae to produce energy instead of fossil fuel, but it is said planting algae will need a lot of water. It is true algae is a renewable source, however, when it provides energy and reduces carbon, at the same time it wastes a lot of water.

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That's true. It is a paradox needed to be solved.

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Interesting, it reminds me that in the Airlines industries, some companies did some trials since 2008 or so. The main challenge that is left is apparently about the end price, that remains higher than regular fuel.

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Yes, the cost is a issue. But if it is developed in a large scale, and firms cooperate with government and NGOs, I believe the price won't be a problem in the future.