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Rapid Transition to Renewable enegy

The main focus and objective is to bridge peace , prosperity and planet and upgradation of existing facility to make it sustainable for all

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The project will aim rapid transition to rewable and sustainable resources. 

The students at every level will be will be introduced to energy efficiency and sustainability and energy awareness campaign will be conducted at international and national level by students of all age groups starting from kindergarten to university level and not only this at linstitire of Architects Pakistan and ARCASIA will also be involved in make transition to renewable energy efficient and as quick as possible .

All these platforms like Pak Model High School , Comsats University , J & M Associates , institute of Architects Pakistan , ARCASIA and , Unioin of International Architects will be used for creating an impact in making renewable resources 

energy efficient .

Energy awareness campaign has already been initiated.

This will aim to provide pleasant working environment for all times to come.

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Enthusiastic particiticipation in energy awareness campagn


Students of Pak Model High school studying about Save the earth

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Photo of David / Thomas Svarrer / Høyer

Hi, can you elaborate a bit on how this lands, hands on, action - in terms of establishing renewable energy? I see education - lots of it - but we have plenty of education everywhere in the world, unfortunately not resulting in any implementations.

What is your plan in order to secure that this education crystallizes into factual, implemented renewable energy?

While I share your view - can you explain how YOUR project will create peace and prosperity and think of our planet via your initiaitve?

Furthermore, I would like your input as to which 3 things do we need to improve on, on our current Nexus 7 Solar Concentrator project?

David Svarrer,
Rational Intuitive IVS

Photo of Maira Khan

Hi ,
I am planning to use all the platforms discussed earlier to create awareness and finally implementation of renewable energy.