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Sustainable development for All

The focus is to make this world economically , socially and environmentally sustainable.

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This idea is a campaign and social enterprise for rapid transition to renewable resources.It will aim  tackle the problem of scarcity of resources and maximum utilisation of renewable resources like sun , water wind the  through these actionable steps:  
Energy awareness Campaign
•Building Construction Techniques
•Professional Practice
•Sustainable and Green Architecture
•Social responsibility of an Architect
•Indigenous and Vernacular Architecture
•Smart Buildings
•Earthquake and Floor Resilient Buildings
•Bio mimicry Architecture
•Building Information Management System
•Designing on Contours
•Indigenous Materials and Vernacular Architecture

The learning experience was collaboration with the team like Derick , Meena Kadir , Luz Gallo , Brian talking Sticker , our workshop , Charles and many more who have actually work towards sustainability was a great learning  experience of how to make use of existing resources and make world a better place for today and for times to come.
The end users who include marginalised communities , craftsmen of Pakistan , artisans , female students, unprivileged students , architects of tomorrow all are very excited to work on this initiative and bring a change in environment and social sustainability .  
•This Project will help us create awareness in architects to be towards sustainability
•Awareness of sustainability through involvement of policy and decision making bodies
•Disaster Risk Reduction
•Risk reduction through Architecture Design and Practice
•Awareness and use of local renewable materials and Vernacular Architecture.

The goals include working in collaboration with Pak Model High School , Arcasia , Comsats University , institute of Architects Pakistan , Banjaiga and my team at bridge peace , prosperity and planet challenge .
They will all look together to achieve financial , social , environmental sustainability . They application of the programs will be as discussed in my ideas:
Celebration for All
Promotion of Handicrafts and sustainable development for marginalised
Pak Model High School
Sustainable development through architecture education
Revival of Bhamala

The basic need is collaboration and formal signing up of memorandum of associations with all the platforms discussed earlier.
They will lead to collaborate for necessary monetary funding .

The skills we are looking for are as follow:
Visual Storytelling 




Business Development 




Project Management 

Marketing / Outreach 

Design Support 



Web Development  



If we take all the steps as planned we plan to achieve all our goals at this immaculate opportunity. 

All strategic actions Smile, Promote, Experiment and Survive will serve as research models . The Focus of the project will be:

•Sustainable Development and Better environment
•Sustainable Infrastructure
•Sustainable Development Challenges in Developing Countries
I assure you that this Platform we will be able to fight with all the challenges and come up with Sustainable Solutions for the coming Generations.I would like to conclude by Quoting The Brundtland Report 1987 :

“Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”
- The Brundtland Report 1987 

It will give us a chance to plan better tomorrow and talk about Future of the Past in terms of Sustainable Development through Alliance and collaboration.

Comsats and board of architecture meeting to discuss and implement policies regarding policies for sustainable development for All.

Arcasia forum future of the past to discuss problems and propose solutions for sustainable development .

Arcasia Forum Presentation , Ayuthayya Thailand Nov 12 , 2015

Future of the Past

Comsats university students ready for campaign

19th Arcasia Form 

27th International Conference on Teaching, Education and Learning (ICTEL) the details of which are the following :
Presenter : Ar Maira Khan
Paper Title: Architecture Education In Asia
Conference Name: 27th International Conference on Teaching, Education and Learning (ICTEL)
Conference Dates: 15-Nov- 2017 to 16-Nov- 2017
I received the award for " Best Paper Presenter " and would like to share this achievement with you all because this was not possible without constant encouragement, support and cooperation of Comsats IIT immaculate support system.

Paper Presentation at IAPEX 2017

Memorandum of understanding signed between Comsats and Pakistan Green Buidling  Council

Comsats students exploring sustainability 

IAP Executive Committee working towards sustainability for All

Memorandum of understanding signed between NOWPDP and IAP

Prime minister of Pakistan Mr Shahid Khawar Abbasi at inauguration of IAPEX 2018 . Master of conference Maira Khan spreading message of renewable energy and energy efficiency 

Comsats students ready for energy efficiency campaign

Participation in Design Summit 2018 

Arcasia Forum participation as official IAP delegate

Arcasia committee of social responsibility spreading message of socially responsible architecture

Meeting with Dr Ross to discuss conservation and green architecture 

This was a photographic documention of already signed memorandum of understanding and collaboration that I have been involved in to achieve sustainable development for all.

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