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EnergyGlass: Urban Vertical Solar Farms

EnergyGlass™ is a patented Optically Clear Vertical Building Photovoltaic Window System that produces continuous energy from sunlight, diffused, ambient light and ground reflectance and the only 100% FIELD of VISION in the world. The entire surface of the windows is clear – No grids, dots or lines! This proprietary inorganic nano technology and solar collector does not degrade from IR like typical solar cells do.

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EnergyGlass reduces the deman on natural resouces and repurposes the use of existing infrastructure succeeding traditional solar farms.  Please watch the short PechaKucha Miami presentation on Energy Glass by Roz Gatewood here.

What community does this idea benefit and who are the main players?

This benefits... 1. Local and state governments provide power solutions in growing urban areas. 2. Electric grids by reducing stress on over demand. 3. Long term residents cut down on energy expenses. 4. Developers earn LEED points towards their projects and unique selling points for their customers

How does your idea specifically help your community rapidly transition to renewables?

EnergyGlass turns static buildings into resilient-self generating, building integrated power plants Among many of the benefits include leveraging the cost of installing the structure's windows that also generate energy from solar, direct, and indirect light sources, thus saving infrastructure costs and space of building power generating facilities and grids to transport it.

What early, lightweight experiment can you try out in your own community to find out if the idea will meet your expectations?

For testing and demonstration purposes, EnergyGlass can be easily installed in one window or free standing location with the knowledge of a local expert

What skills, input or guidance are you keen to connect with from the OpenIDEO community to help you build out or refine your idea further?

EnergyGlass is looking for builders, developers, and end users to validate the utility,efficiency, and effectiveness of the product.

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  • Solar

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OpenIDEO and The 11th Hour Project, here's to a renewable and resilient future!

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Wow – EnergyGlass sounds amazing. To focus your idea here, you might consider refining your summary text (above the image) around a specific goal and approach.

Here's a template if you need some help, though feel free to come up with your own clarifying sentence structure.

Our idea is a_________________ [campaign/app/service/program/online platform/toolkit/social enterprise/etc.] that tackles the problem of _____________[the issue being addressed ] by __________[what your idea looks like in practice].

Hopefully this will also open up thinking about what specific, lightweight experiments you might consider to try out in your own community to evolve the idea further. Here's more tips:

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Thank you for your suggestion Meena!

Photo of Natalie Lake

WOW this is an awesome idea Carl! Do you think you could write a little blurb to explain more about Energy Glass in terms of user experience? For example, you could give an example of a XX story tall building and how much energy they could create by converting XX windows to Energy Glass.

I'm also curious, how efficiently does Energy Glass work, do buildings (in crowded metropolitan areas where other buildings create shadows for example) receive enough peak solar hours for this to economically make sense? I'd love to hear more about the specs of Energy Glass! Also, is Energy Glass only used on buildings or is are there glass sizes available for homes as well? It might be good to include a link to your guys' website in the above description for those looking to learn more.

This is a wonderful idea and I cannot wait to hear more from you!

Photo of Carl Hildebrand

Thank you for your interest Natalie. Here is the link to the EnergyGlass website for more information,

Photo of Joanna Spoth

Awesome idea, Carl! So great to have you in the challenge. Do you have any stories yet of individual adopters? I'd love to hear more about your ideal end user, especially in the context of communities leading the transition to renewables.