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(Outdated Idea) Clean Energy Angels | Sister community initiative for renewable energy projects

New idea in cooperation with P2P here: The idea is create a platform where the most developed communities in clean energy can be the Clean Energy Angels of other less developed communities with the same characteristics. This angel can provide the other community with advise and events to share their expertise in the clean energy goal. This advise can be for the different key players of the communities: Families, technological companies, utilities, etc.

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This idea has merged with P2P lending idea and evolved into the this idea, check it out! 

Check this presentation

HOW it works

An online platform where different communities will fill a form with information about: Demographics, Climate, actual development of renewable energies in the community, etc.

The community will be online and can be presented with different options of possible Clean Energy Angels. When the community choose one Angel and the other angel accepts to be the angel of that community a serie of tools can be implemented online, such as the OpenIDEO platform does, by a fixed procedure with different steps.

How it works?

The Community

One important thing is to define what is a community, on the beggining I was thinking to focus this just on cities. But I think this is too limited and at the end nobody will take active role on it if the city is too big.
Example: Imagine there is one neighborhood in Barcelona who wants to be off the grid by using solar energy and a biomass plant. This community can maybe found one community who already did this in the USA.

Action Fields

When the connection is established the exchange of knowledge and advise can happen in very different fields:
- Green companies that advise or make workshops for local companies of the area of the other community
- Legislation pressure from the angel.
- Workshops for the people who live in the community but is not actively involved.
- ...

Update 1:

A digest of the comments and some ideas we had to continue refining the idea.

- Natalie Lake pointed out that maybe a problem of this idea would be how to motivate the angel communities to spend their time and efforts  to help the other communities. We discussed money exchange wouldn't be a good solution but maybe a cultural exchange held by the learning community could be a good alternative. More ideas?

- Different comments also pointed out the problem of finance. Shuting posted an idea of P2P micro finance. I personally like this, since this will be a community. Today I found out a platform that is being built in Europe to make real crowdfunded projects in renewable energies checked it out here:

- Another common question in the comments and maybe a next goal to define would be: What defines a community? Which parameters will link the two communities?

Update 2:

- Carles points out: What not using platforms like to finance the projects?

- Carles and I are getting in touch with the leaders of a cooperative in our home country that finance and generates their own clean energy. More info in Carles post:
We want to hear from them their opinion and maybe some guidance on how to move forward.

Update 3

This update will contain a lot of information about energy cooperatives in Europe, a possible community we could use as a learner to begin, a tool for financing renewable energy projects and some thoughs I had. Let's get started!

1) Energy cooperatives community in Europe (RESCoop)

There are several cooperatives of citizens in Europe generating their own energy and getting by their own without relying on the big utilities. These cooperatives created this community online where they invite to join new communities of citizens who wants to create a cooperative and they give advice and assessement. They also developed a series of reports about the cooperatives, the differences in legislation on european countries and more.

These cooperatives are a great example of what I have as an idea for an angel.

2) A group of citizens in the island of Lanzarote (Spain) want to be off the grid with renewable energy. This community could be a great example of the learners. They have no idea yet of which technology to use or how to finance it really. Link is only in spanish here

3)  Always Ongoing Sufficiency System: Another example of possible Angels. In this could be angels for individuals or a neigbourghood who wants to get off the grid but each house individually. The Fundacion Desarrollo Sostenible (Sustainable Development Foundation) has created a PV system ready to install that can be adapted to the necessities of each consumer and which allows the user to get off the grid. Link here (only in spanish)

4) Big company boosting renewable energy

ECOHZ is a nowegian compan who's main business is selling Guarantees of Origin for electricity produced by renewable energy. They have created a foundation to only finance renewable energy projects. The projects need to meet some criteria to be funded. More information in this brochure or in their website

5) Personal thoughs: After reading from many different sources I can see that people is willing to have a change but the main problem seems to be the financing, I think this idea and Shuting's idea need to be built in the next phase in just one idea, and we need to work together in how to build this platform.

The technology, the will of the people and the opportunities are ready, we just need to bring them the right tools!

If you liked the idea, please comment and help us go forward with this.

What community does this idea benefit and who are the main players?

People from all around the world can benefit themselves from this idea. We just need to create a good platform, easy to use, open to all the world.

How does your idea specifically help your community rapidly transition to renewables?

As the business angels help start-ups to grow, the clean energy angels community will help other communities that aim to be like them.

What early, lightweight experiment can you try out in your own community to find out if the idea will meet your expectations?

First of all we could try to create a mockup website and find to representative communities in the world that can be taken as potential users of our platform. After these we should be able to analyse with some measurable parameters how are these two communities doing in their two particular roles. Angel and start-up

What skills, input or guidance are you keen to connect with from the OpenIDEO community to help you build out or refine your idea further?

We need people expert in: - Rapid prototyping of services. - User research - Knowledge about the different communities in the world to be able to set a list of parameters that will decide if one community is enough similar to another one. - Renewable energies experts to be able to cross references on the demographics, climate and potential renewable energies for the communities. - Building online platforms, with UX/UI knowledge Please help us refine this idea and make it possible!

Please indicate which type of energy is most relevant to this post:

  • My post doesn't mention a specific type of energy

This idea emerged from:

  • A Group Brainstorm

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Mind Map of Citizen Driven Energy projects


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After a very interesting meetup today, we will be posting our reshaped idea by the end of this week :)

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Hi Oriol & co. I have been following this idea for a while now. I find the idea really interesting! Its a shame I could not contact you before in order to share some ideas with you!

Just for the record; I have been going through the Spanish legislation for producing your own energy and the close future does not look good. How is the legislation for USA? Could you give a hint on which is the last public document on the subject?

I am really looking forward to reading your new reshaped idea.

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