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Renewable Energy In Bulk - The Lowest Price Wins!

Our idea is an online platform that allows different communities nationally to create a large size order for a particular renewable energy technology and auction it off to different technology providers with the goal to drive down purchase prices through bulk-buying and competition.

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The idea is to create online communication channels between different communities, through an internet platform, that they can use to create higher quantity bids on a national level in order to increase their purchasing power and attractiveness in a free market.

These bids would be auctioned off to technology providers who would be faced with direct competition in terms of offering the most competitive price to get the deal. This is assumed to drive prices down based on bulk buying and limited communication methods between different technology providers. Auctions will be timed and the final online price would always be up for a last negotiation.

The platform and auction would be free to use on both sides until a deal is created. In this case, the "website" would receive a small percentage of the savings from the buyer’s side in addition to a small percentage of the revenues from the seller’s side to make this business financially sustainable. However, the details on that still need to be further developed.

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  • A combination of various types of renewable energy

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  • An OpenIDEO Meetup


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