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Expanding a circle of giving with social media

Our service will motivate young people to give and allow them to start giving more easily by means of social media.

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Describe your idea in one sentence (200 characters)

We aim to implement a service to young people who have Instagram accounts around the world, by offering a system that they can give through their accounts, which may encourage them to start giving.

Explain the challenge you are aiming to solve (1500 characters)

Young people tend to hesitate to start contribution because they don’t have enough money to give, or they have little knowledge about it. We offer a solution that will solve this problem by utilizing Instagram effectively. We think Instagram is the best way to encourage young donors to start giving because it attracts them and they should be familiar to it.

Is there data or evidence that supports this problem which you are trying to solve?

  • NO

What’s your innovation or solution? How does it work? (1500 characters)

・Young people can contribute through Instagram accounts from small amounts of money to any organization that needs help. We develop this service and provide Facebook, Inc with this. 

・We aim to create a charity movement called #donafriends through this service. After people give to any nonprofit organization, we ask them to post on Instagram with hashtag of #donafriends. Once people participate in this movement and contribute in any way practically, they will get a special mark (like an added image) on their accounts, which others can see it. The mark will disappear after three months from the last time they give, but if they continue giving during the period, it won’t disappear. Also, they can regain it as soon as they give again. They can support the same organization again, as well as different one.

・We suppose that people need to know about giving when they start, so Instagram will create an official account which will post a variety of information and notice in a way of summary posts or short movies that tell how to start giving and more other knowledge. The official account joins initiatively; it likes posts of those who have participated in this campaign.

Tell us about your end users (1500 characters)

Name: Rinka Yamazaki Age: 20 Occupation: University student Major: Faculty of law Part-time job: Café staff Location: Tokyo Family: Father, Mother, Brother Community: Traveling club Hobby: Visiting café, Traveling, Playing with social media (especially Instagram, about café and traveling, for 5 hours a day, 900 followers) Others: She have studied abroad in Korea when she was a sophomore.

What part of the donor journey does your solution address?

  • Stage 1: Inspiration - becoming motivated to engage with a cause

Geography of focus:

  • Asia

Tell us about the scale of your innovation:

  • Anywhere in the world

How is the idea innovative? (750 characters)

We are sure that this service and campaign will motivate young donors to give by making it easier for them to get a large amount of information and to understand what they should do next with organized information. There is no pressure of money because donors can start giving from a small amount of money like 1 dollar. Young donors can get enough information about giving and start doing it easily through social media like Instagram, which is familiar to them. Because social media connect people who live far from each other in a minute, so we expect that we can expand the circle of charity campaign widely and rapidly.

Idea Stage

  • Blueprint: We are exploring the idea and gathering the inspiration and information we need to test it with real users.

Feasibility (1500 characters)

What we have to do to bring this service and campaign to realization is pulling in the right people especially engineers who are in charge of building our system and taking advantage of existed Instagram’s brand.

What impact will your innovation create? (1500 characters)

Our innovation will achieve synergistic effects by collaborating with social media, online payment system and influencers. As a result, our solution will be more accessible and effective for the young donors.

Organization Name (150 characters)


Explain your organization (500 characters)

Business summary:Experience design・NPS consulting・Customer experience management application service / Ideation:Student intern

Website URL (if applicable)

Type of submitter

  • We are a For-Profit Startup or Startup Social Enterprise

Organization Location (150 characters)

tokyo, Japan

What is the current scale of your organization’s work?

  • National (expansive reach within one country)

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Photo of Ed Erenberg

Social media can play such an important role in charitable giving and it can be used to greater advantage than it has been up till now. Your idea of engaging a younger demographic with small donor donations is smart. How do you allow a charity to reach back out to an individual after they have donated - do the participants have to opt in with email addresses? Thanks