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Universal Basic Education (UBE)

The major aim of UBE programme is the provision of free, universal and compulsory basic education for every Nigerian child aged 6-15 years

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The Main Objectives of the UBE Programme

According to the implementation guideline released by the Federal Ministry of Education in February 2000, the programme aims at achieving the following objectives

1. Develop in the entire citizenry a strong consciousness for education and a strong commitment to its vigorous promotion.

2. Provide free, compulsory, universal basic education for every Nigerian child of school age group.

3. Reduce drastically, drop outrage from the formal school system through improved relevance and efficiency.

4. Cater for drop outs and out of school children/adolescent through various forms of complementary approaches to the provision and promotion of basic education.

5. Ensure the acquisition of the appropriate levels of literacy, manipulative and life skills (as well as the ethnical moral and civic values needed for laying the foundation for life long learning .

The objectives of the UBE  are far reaching and they include:

1. Pre - primary education sector

2. Handicapped children sector

3. Primary education sector

4. Junior secondary education sector

5. Senior secondary education sector

6. Technical education sector

7. Teacher education sector

8. University education sector and

9. Adult and continuing education sector


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According to the three basic principles of community education are: that schools should be free and supported by taxes, that teachers should be trained, and required that children should be attend school.

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