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The Do Lab Project

Our mission is to psychologically heal Syrian children of war, living in refugee camps,by providing them with their right to play and learn.

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The Do Lab Project 

    The Do Lab Projects mission is to heal Syrian children of war living in refugee camps in Lebanon, by transforming, what would have be known as a wasteful material, a used car tire, into a playful swing. 

    With the help of Philanthropists, Companies, Organizations, and Schools everyone can help make a difference in each refugee child's future, by allowing the traumatized youth to forget their surrounding and experience moments of play, necessary for their process of healing. 

        The Do Lab Project will provide refugee communities with the equipment and instructions necessary to create an easy installable swing set out of used tires,rope, rebar, and cement.  A colorful nylon tire cover will hide the dirty tire and eliminate the need to connect it with hardware, transforming it into a playful and educational tool. 

    Arabic and English Alphabet will be printed on the side for educational value, just like a poster in a classroom. The printed alphabet will aid in educational development for children still learning how to read, in both English and Arabic, and create more opportunity to play games and build friendships. 

English and Arabic Alphabet Printed on Tire Cover

Building Community:

    In order to make this possible, a connected system of people need to volunteer their time, resources, knowledge, and community service to giving a helping hand where it is needed the most. 

    Not only will the refugee children have a place to play, but the elders will also benefit by learning the skills necessary to create different parts of the whole swing set structure. The Do Lab Project wants to help not only the children, but the whole refugee community. 

    The Do Lab Project, will create workshops to teach the woman the skills they need to sew the tire cover together, teach the men how to make a structure out of rebar, and together all the men, women, and children will be a part of securing it into the ground with cement. As a symbol of the strong foundation created by using all the skills they have  as a whole community to make something meaningful. Nothing makes a parent happier than seeing their child smile, and nothing makes a child happier to know that they are cared and nurtured for.  

    In addition to all of The Do Lab Projects initiatives to make a difference for the Syrian Refugees, we also care about the environment and want to prevent tires from being burned in protests, which is common in Lebanon. 

The Do Lab Project is still a work in progress, any comments and advice are very much appreciated. 


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Photo of Selcan Sally Hurmuzlu

What an excellent initiative .. We are currently teaching our students about earths renewable and non renewable resources this idea would link in perfectly with our unit. I'm going to see how we can use this as a whole year level initiative to take action.

Photo of Tania Tiffany Al Jaroudy

Sally, Thank you so much for your support! The project is still a work in progress so I will update you with more of what I am doing soon, but incorporating schools in The Do Lab Project is exactly what we are trying to do! Let me know how I can help!

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