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Technology Based Education

Use a mobile, self-paced education, along with technology like skype and school-box

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Use Technology to provide education to children : We can give quality education by using the technology and by connecting to the globe, and where ever possible reuse the existing information.Use a common place for school, like temple,church in absence of school.

  1. EDU-VAN for education:Mobile van will contain equipments like Computer,Mobiles,Mobile gadgets like memory card,Mobile/Radio charge outlet which will be used by the teacher and students. The mobile van can reach to the remote place and can be used to teach the students. The recorded media like pdf can be saved in the mobiles so this will serve as a text book for children. Th children can take the mobiles to their home and can learn. The usage of recorder media such as videos from you tube, how stuff works will help the children to learn at faster/own phase. Probably some rights are needed as these materials are been used by an organization. We need not invest a huge amount in mobiles there are many organizations that recycle the mobiles, with advancement in technology probably we can get the recycled mobiles at a cheaper rates, and can have the recorded materials in it. Moreover we need just a device to play media files and have pdf so that will not cost much.
  2. Google Hangout based education: We can ask students from other countries, to provide a online class sessions to the refugee camp students. If we can design a Time-Zone based Time Table, and by having collaboration with schools and colleges we can execute this idea. As a part of social service activity, points credit should be given to the students and teachers of various school, where they will be spending 2 to 3 hrs a week in teaching the children on their favorite subject. At the end of the session the google hangout video will be available which can be used as recorded material and can be reused for clarifying doubts and refreshing the subject.
  3. Radio Based Education : Still there are places which may not have enough electricity, so we can use radio in those places. 3 or 4 dedicated channel for education, where the subjects can be broadcasted repeatedly and weekly once.Children can attend the school (common place like temple/ Van) and can get their doubts clarified. If that is not possible an interactive radio session can be conducted/Email based question answer session can be conducted where the children can post their question to the staff/teacher they will send a mail to other teachers and will provide an answer.
  4. Bring Innovation in Teaching : In today's world innovation cannot be ignored,so even the teachers should keep learning, and should introduce new approaches in learning, there are many online free courses on creativity and Design labs. Which will be useful for teachers and students. So the teachers/students can enroll in those courses and can share their experiences. One such course is by Novo Education, Creativity course by Tina Selig, where you get a chance to interact with professionals from various background. "Nothing can replace Experience, and when some shares it please absorb it!"
  5. Knowledge Sharing Session : Let the students learn through the recorded media, and let them be one day teacher. Where the student takes class for other students, the idea is to improve their confidence and soft skills which are required for their future. In advanced version of knowledge sharing the refugee students can take class to the foreign students so they can overcome their fear.
  6. Online Volunteer for ART based fund raise Idea: The students can help in designing website, hosting the website, creating the contents for social site such as posters,video, music, etc to promote the idea. This will help them in enhancing their skill and profile. When they interact with outside world they can over come their fear and can realize their potentials.
  7. Advanced Skill Learning: We can use some mobiles to have advanced skill set learning, which contains recorded materials on various subjects like "Languages, Photography, Journalism " etc let the student learn these skills through the recorded media. Then UNHCR can conduct a workshop on that subject based on the enrolled students strength. The accelerated workshops and apprenticeship helps them to achieve the job.

This information shared for educate girls challenge for UNHCR. Lot of discussion on this topic has been done. Which can be checked through the below url.

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That's a great idea. It may work well in a 'favorable' ' refugee camp where people are expected to receive strong support from community.