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Teach them to catch fish, creativity based education

This is a idea which i have framed, needs UNICEF and UNHCR to act on it.

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Teach them to catch fish

One of the major reason a girl child fails to attend the school are

  1. Accessibility,
  2. Poverty and
  3. Gender Inequality

If we can address these issues, we can achieve the goal of educating the girls,

Increase the access: we need more facilities, like restroom, school buildings and transport etc. for addressing

poverty/child labors/child marriage we need to provide them an alternate source of income, say a small stipend for the children attending the school, and who maintains some 95% percentage of complete attendance etc. When the girl child, becomes an income providing group, more parents tend to send the child to school.

  1. Why do they keep them at home ? or
  2. Send them to low wage child labor work ?
  3. When some one provides them a stipend/food along with a bright future ?

But the decision to go for a stipend/nutrition program is upto GOVT/UNICEF.

Please go through this article its very useful:Its about poverty with a different perspective:

Accessibility in the sense, they should have secure access to reach the school probably an investment in transport required, if this has some issue, probably we can use one of these.

Alternate Schooling Idea for Security Reasons

  1. Mobile van education : Use van, and find a common place in the locality, like church, the recorded media and teacher will be available to the students. If the no of quality teachers are less we have to go for alternatives mentioned below. 
  2. Radio channels for education: I insist on radio, in a tablet dominated world as they increases imagination, the more technology we use less we imagine and moreover they are cheap.
  3. Internet based teaching : using Granny teaches concept / Foreign online volunteer teaches, if we can design a proper time zone based time table we can use this approach, students or any volunteer can take an hour class on their favorite subject, in their absence a recorded media can be telecast, we can use Google hangouts for interactive sessions. I believe many teenagers will support the cause! this can be introduced as a part of social service activity in colleges, some credit can be given,so that many students will participate,probably we can motivate them by providing a certificate as a token of appreciation. Use animation where ever possible, there are a lot of videos on various subjects, in video hosting sites like you tube,how stuff works,probably some rights may be needed to reuse them for teaching purpose.

For Gender Equality : we need to display the role of the women in the society, it can be done with help of campaigns in school, television or through package of food as mentioned in this idea so that it reaches all the people.

How does your idea sustainably solve the challenge question? Accessibility / Poverty : The idea will be used to raise fund for the children, through GOVT - UNICEF. The product which will be created by this idea, will be an unique product that targets the youngster the new customer segment for obtaining the monetary aids. The fund raised will be used for various purpose to ensure retention

  1. For building the school and restroom.
  2. Provide nutrition based food essential nutrition can be achieved at cheaper price, if we can bore theresponsibility of feeding the children, at least during the day time we can ensure retention of girls 
  3. For providing stipend for students who are worst affected by poverty.
  4. It improves the creativity of the child/girls so it helps in completing their day to day work soon in a creative manner. "Creativity cannot be measured, every one is blessed with some potential, its up to them in identifying them". 
  5. The product can be used, to create an awareness for various campaigns "No smoking", "Population control","Important of peace", "Gender Equality" etc... The product can be relaunched at an interval based on these topics and as an emergency fund raiser ref the attached doc for details. 
  6. The product can be used to preserve the art feature of an culture as well.
  7. The product concept can help in creating job opportunity, the students/volunteers gets an opportunity to learn things in campaigning through social site, meeting with ngo,maintaining the content for the site etc. 
  8. Probably Govt can join with UNICEF, UN Women and make it as a bigger campaign, as more number of celebrities will be supporting the cause.

Gender Equality:

  1. The major customer segment designed in such a way that children, and youngsters will be the major contributors.

Other Benefits:

  1. Children having problems like obesity as well will get benefited when a advanced version is launched.

How will you meaningfully engage parents, families and communities in the design and implementation of your program?

The product, jeweler made out of candy/nuts package can be marketed at various places where the parents and children goes. 1. Retail Grocery Shop 2. Apparel Shop 3. Schools and Colleges Advantages of using a nut based packaging food: Advantage of having nuts : Nuts reduces Obesity :

Intention is to make more humans, in the automated world, let the child make a contribute, every one will contribute a small token for a change in the society, especially the youngsters. It is all about supporting their group for education, to make a better broad minded generation with lot of entrepreneur, leaders and scientists.

Low Income Group: when a girl becomes an income generating person, we can avoid the child labor and child marriages. It is about inventing the first generation, for the subsequent generation the youngsters and children will take care. View about a girl to society: A lot of awareness and public knowledge takes place through this campaign, what a woman can do and the advantages of educating the girls. The issue with most of the other campaigns like child labor or women education is awareness for a short term to an small group of people. The extensive message may reach to few people in social site or college/ schools and offices what about others ? members of the family who tend to be at home?. We can use the media, but how long? will they be interested? Unless a campaign hits the message in mind of a viewer its of no use. People will forget it soon. So the packaged candies in the form of jewelry will serve as a campaign medium. When celebrity are used to promote the product, through social site. Many youngsters will use it, so it reaches the public soon, as youngsters/UN Volunteers can access the remote places.

View of a girl about herself : The intention of keeping the idea, as an women oriented product, is to give confidence to poor girls, that there is a world which supports her, what a girl like her can contribute to the world. Low cost of art work : The cost of the candy jewelry,it can be afforded by any one. Communities : Organization like UN/UNICEF should use volunteers to achieve this task,They should work along with local NGO/Panchayath the fund raised should be used to build schools, rest room, providing food/stipend which ever is feasible based on their data.

Once in a while a audit needs to be done by the UN/UNICEF officer, without informing them in advance, and all these communities should submit a report monthly/quarterly basis and the progress needs to be submitted as an photo. The photos can be used in a site to provide the details of work in progress with the help of this idea.

This idea has been designed to reduce child-labor and decrease the school drop outs. But this can be used for refugee as well. Ongoing Fund : The idea is to make a product through the art work of child, and use that art work as a candy package,(with less investment, more students can buy, new product), basically the idea should be lead by an established org(GOVT/UN/UNICEF/UNHCR) they need to make a deal with the candy manufacturer, this packaging should be in form of an jeweler/bracelet to target the youngsters. This packaged product will be sold in schools, colleges, Shops etc just to raise an awareness and for raising the fund. The ratio of poor children will be far less than children who are doing well, So still lot of fund can be raised, if org like UNHCR can ensure that these products gets max tax benefit,we can raise more fund! The product should be marketed in various countries, that's why i mentioned UNICEF and UN. If they could market it through school, college and shops (not sure how exactly they do merchandise) they can raise a good amount of aid. Is it possible GOVT\UNCIEF making a joint venture with one of these org? for executing this kind of idea? because the main issue is the fund and money, if we have more funds, more ideas can be executed and more children can be brought up to the school and these org have so many celebrities support and are present in many countries, so we can use those celebrities to promote the product. Please ref attached document about the product (social fashion)

Regarding Stipend : An estimate may be required, on an a, avg how much a family requires in a refugee, the intention is to keep the girls in the school that's why i mentioned students having an attendance of 90% so that at least for the sake of stipend parents will send them to school. paying a stipend to boys is fine, but the intention is to bring girls to school, even if you don't pay a stipend parents will send boys to school.Stipend is just an e.g the exact reason for which girls avoid school may be few other things, or if you feel stipend will create an issue let me know what else we can try? a survey may be needed, hopefully GOVT/UNICEF has some data on this ? 

we need to explore the next step in maslow's pyramid The safety and affection : and if we can get the data what prevents girls attending school we can find the answer.One of the reason parents doesn't send them to school because of security reasons and their thought that after marriage she won't be staying with them so they don't wan't to invest in them. So there are few options left, either the parents mindset should change, with campaign which we cannot trust because of poverty etc, or by making the girl as an income generating member.

We can bring laws, execute campaigns etc for a girl's education, but with poverty and people's mindset, it may not succeed. I believe at least 80% of school dropout reasons should be poverty and remaining should be security.

Interactive radio education can be used to address security, but do the girls really get time to learn at home? check this article for issues of girl child in attending school in india: More over if the idea, gets campaigned properly through UN/UNICEF/UNHCR Volunteers (Social Site) + Celebrity through ice bucket like challenge the fund raised can be used to have cloud/granny teaching concepts

so we can provide a quality education as well, which is a crisis in many parts of the country, going forward i feel recorded media and one day interactive session will be the future as no of passionate teachers are decreasing

We can use the general art which a child draws, and using that art we can arrange in the packaging, probably it can generate a job opportunity for some people if it is an hand-made(manual) package, rather than a machine packaging.

So in this case we can have many designs as well. The art work should be 2 types

  1. Give a topic and let them draw on that subject, say "No Smoking" the art work can be used as an emblem on the candy. 
  2. The art work itself, can be arranged into a design.Ask the child to do some spatial arrangements in the form of jewelry it can be necklace, bracelet etc.. (This is more like abacus teaching, it improves the child imagination and thinking ability.) 
  3. We can just use a message, like " No x Smoke" as emblem. We can send the message like stop child marriage, with series of messages stating the advantage of educating a girl etc, these topics we can ask the student to convey in art or word forms, for e.g in a necklace dollar we can have a girl triumphing with books in her hand.(As picture/art conveys more than words.)
  4. To make it more nutritious we can use nuts as well in the packaging, so it reduces issues like obesity as well.
  5.  More over when we ask children to work on the art, i believe their thoughts gets diverted without thinking about the past.
  6. Probably we can ask some artist to validate the children's work and based on that we can do packaging, or if we want to create more awareness, we can have a section in the Site (GOVT/UNICEF/UNHCR) it self, to vote for the top x design from the students/volunteers and we can use that x design for packaging, we can have filters at various levels, at class, then at school, then at country level and finally at the UN/UNICEF/UNHCR web site.
  7. The main issue for girl's education, is mindset, through the art work we can send message as well, the more the no of time people sees a message they tend to change their mind, the reason for keeping it as an affordable product is that,every one can afford to buy it, when someone wears a bracelet for e.g a volunteer it reaches everyone at grass root level so the obstacles of the girls starts reducing with change in mind set.As the majority contributor will be children and youngsters, we can give good message and thoughts through these design, so we can raise better humans and can achieve gender equality as well. Psychology says "if you feed a child with good thoughts right from young age, no matter how difficult the situation is they won't get attracted to wrong deeds".

Power of Repetitive Messaging : most of the time good messages fails because they are short lived or not campaigned properly to the right audience.Through this product we can spread the message to every one (Rich to Poor).

We can use one of the method to conduct class

  1. Mobile van education, where a common place in the locality, can be chosen like church and the recorded media and teacher will be available to the students. If the no of teachers are less we have to go for alternatives.
  2. Radio channels for education.
  3. Internet based teaching using Gran ma teaches concept / Foreign online volunteer teaches, if we can design a proper time zone based time table we can use this approach, students or any volunteer can take an hour class on their favorite subject, in their absence a recorded media can be telecast, we can use Google hangouts for interactive sessions. I believe many teenagers will support the cause! this can be introduced as a part of social service activity in colleges, so that many students will participate, probably we can motivate them by providing a certificate as a token of appreciation.

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