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Teach the Future

Learning about the future will give children hope!

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Learning about the future will give children hope! Education is there to help kids prepare for their future. We should therefore teach them about this future. This is difficult because the future doesn’t exist yet. But by understanding that the world of today won’t look the same as the world of tomorrow, that change is inevitable and that we can influence this change ourselves, creates hope. In the case of children who have been forced to flee their homes, usually they are paralyzed in a state of psychological trauma from this experience. Developing a sense of hope for their future can help them to come out of paralysis and plan for a different life for themselves in the future.


It is hard to move past a trauma or conflict. It takes a lot of courage and resilience to overcome this. It requires positive energy, hope and confidence, and asks for a bright vision towards the future. By teaching kids to cope with uncertainty, by helping kids envision a new future and by giving kids tools for action, we will give them a chance for a better future.


Teaching about the future is not just thinking in a linear and restricted way. It is about giving kids the skills to influence existing systems, to think out side of the box, to become inventive problem solvers. It is about learning how to understand on another, how to work in collaboration and how to create a new world together.


We believe that future education is important for everybody everywhere, and especially for those who need extra support to escape their current situation. We are developing materials, both for kids as for teachers, that can be used in every cultural context with whichever tools and local materials are available. We are running international pilots (north & south worlds) as we speak and we would love to work together to help refugees find their way into a new existents. 


Game: hope for the future

Objective: to create hope for the future among refugee and displaced children

Format: simple > draw in the earth, sand, or mark on cement; move the body for coordination and exercise

Materials: all local materials; may be different depending upon the geographical zone, but would have the same functions

Goal: to visualize a successful future successfully

Outcome: a positive attitude about one’s future

Impact: as much as possible to 1. reduce insecurity, uncertainty and fear of the future, 2. strengthen resilience, emotionally and psychologically increase group trust for future collaboration

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Interesting thoughts Erica – looking forward to hearing more on this in the upcoming Ideas phase. Make sure you post it again there too – and meanwhile you might like to check out the Feed Your Idea section here: Hoping to see more of you on OpenIDEO.

Hope you'll be back to post it in the Ideas phase as well. Meanwhile you might like to think about what research and insights would feed your Idea and post them here before the Research phase closes.