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Refugees as paid language/cultural teachers

Refugees have their own set of cultural traits such as gastronomy, idiom and dance. In their new home they can get paid to teach the locals.

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The objective of the idea is to enhance opportunities for income generation and entrepreneurship to refugees through teaching languages and cultural experiences to locals (in the case, brazilians).

The students will pay the courses and, beyond language learning, will also break cultural barriers, living culinary, dance and festive traditions workshops with the refugees. 

The idea is to rescue the best particularities of each refugee and their culture. In urban centers, such as São Paulo, there are many people interested in learning different cultures with foreigners.  The project can be also implemented in other urban centers, where refugees usually have marginalized jobs (underemployment). 

Atados , a non-profit focused on mobilizing people to social cause, is organizing the first school of refugees. In July, there will be launched a pilot: "summer"school (vacation school).

The first step is to learn the local language. Atados works in partnership with Adus, a non profit focused on teaching portuguese to refugees in São Paulo.

Last year, the organizations organized together the Refugees World Cup in São Paulo, that mobilized around 400 volunteers and audience with 120 refugees.  

The pilot will have english classes with syrian and nigerian, french with congolese and spanish with colombian teachers. 

After the refugees learn the language, they will be trained on pedagogical and communication skills, so that they can be ready to teach their specific knowledge.

All the revenues of the pilot will be reinvested to the growth the school and to instruct new refugees to be teachers. 


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Very interesting! This could be a great way to empower refugees and decrease their difficulties finding jobs. Besides that I think it would be awesome to have classes with a teacher from a different country!

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