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Providing Long Distance Learning to Refugees

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 RESPECT UNIVERSITY stands for Refugee Education Sponsorship Program Enhancing Communities Together This program was started in the year 2012 at Young African Refugees for Integral Development as a way to help our beneficiaries acquire the knowledge and skills after the English for Adults Program. RESPECT University is based in Canada with a mission to provide free post-secondary, long – distance tutoring programmes to war affected refugees and internally displaced persons. Currently we are coordinating a Business Administration and Office Management course where seven of our beneficiaries are gaining skills in business management RESPECT University provides a variety of courses depending on what the students prefer. When students come together in groups of 7 to 15 and are interested in a given course they contact the RESPECT University coordinator at YARID who contacts the RESPECT University coordinator in Canada who helps in getting tutors. These courses are conducted via email and there should be internet connectivity and the ability to print out the lessons for the students. The students do not have direct contact with the RESPECT University coordinator in Canada because of some challenges like sharing their other problems to the coordinator expecting support, so we have a coordinator who helps with the liaison at YARID However RESPECT University is not accredited but they provide a certificate of completion, a grade card and a recommendation letter that help our beneficiaries to such for other opportunities.


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Great job Elvis! Which courses are students most interested in? How have they used their learnings after the courses?

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Hello Alexandra, the students are mostly interested in Human Rights and Business courses.
For the business skills, they have learned how to keep records and how to market their products and for the Human Rights they are just aware of their rights and what should be done when their rights are abused.
The grade cards, certificates and recommendation letters from RESPECT University have helped 2 students get what to do.

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