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Physical Classroom Environment: Setting to Improve Learning

What can be done is to ensure simple but very vital aspects like physical classroom conditions that influence learning process most.

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Whenever a question about a learning process improvement is brought up, we think of modern teaching techniques and alternative approaches, innovative technologies, and progressive lesson organization ideas. Unfortunately, not all students can enjoy these modern learning facilities and, what is more, important not always such conditions can be arranged. But what can be done is to ensure simple but very vital aspects like physical classroom conditions that influence learning process most notably.

Theoretically, classroom space should be organized in such way to meet educational objectives and secure safe, comfortable and productive learning and teaching process. But speaking about ideal classroom conditions we don’t necessarily imply space stuffed with the last-generation computers, high-speed Internet or furnished with designer furniture though all of these facilities wouldn’t go amiss. Everything is much simpler. An ideal classroom space starts with seemingly obvious but often neglected healthy conditions.

Environmental aspect

What are the basics when it goes about leaving conditions? Cleanliness and sanitation – first, this is because to maintain clean space we don’t need much money. Irregardless of circumstances, learning environment anywhere in the world can be kept clean. Everything needed is the desire and personal health concerns.

Just think, children spend nearly the whole day in a classroom space breathing dust that gathered somewhere on a hard-to-get bookshelf. Still worse, if the building that isn’t carefully cleaned, doesn’t get enough fresh air. If school ventilation system is poor, which is often the case these days, many children get exposed to asthma or simply feel drowsy and unable to concentrate. Under such conditions, one hardly can learn and demonstrate significant educational achievements.

Noise level also matters when an effective learning process is at stake. If a classroom or school building isn’t protected from outside noise adequately, it may negatively tell on children’s’ learning abilities. Thousands of researches carried out on this subject scream about negative impact noise has on academic activity. Things come to such a pitch that children studying in a quiet environment, score by times better than those in nosey spaces.

Once these problems are eliminated, learning process will be substantially improved. However, apart from physical conditions that are undoubtedly vital for effective learning, classroom space design is no less important.

Classroom layout

Every student needs comfortable and functional classroom space. And it is within our power to create such conditions even without much finance.

The first thing that we can do is to arrange desks to let students exercise various teaching techniques. Tables placed in a circle are suitable for general discussions, whereas small areas with desks are favorable for individual work and activities in small groups or pairs.

Designing learning environment, we should move away from customary solutions and let teaching style define space layout. Thus, if you use visualization to support knowledge acquisition, classroom walls may be decorated with thematic pictures and posters.

Giving students an opportunity to move around the space freely may also foster learning process. Many teachers arrange different settings for students not only to switch between activities but to change body position. According to the investigation, such alternation is very beneficial both for health and learning.

Implementing these simple and inexpensive changes will help build strong learning process and make quality education closer for those who were earlier deprived of it.

About the Author: Stacy Green is a freelancer. She is passionate about education, travelling and volunteer work. She believes that “we only have what we give.” In attempt to change the education system for better she writes for academic companies like and posts her blogs on education related topics.


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