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One Lesson Plan - OLP

Create a Refugee Edu. System, one lesson plan, build Apps for others experiences, use Social Media to teach more about the other side..

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Create a Refugee Educational Manual,  a one lesson plan system that teaches all Refugees about experiences happening on the other side, population awareness, use Social Media platforms and create Apps that they all can learn and use to build their own lives from experiences of other refugees building their lives by applying themselves, give them access to information for learning purposes, that wherever they are, integration won't be a problem because, host country understands why they should be there.. it also boasts the economic development, two hands on deck.. together we can move our world a step further despite of our relocation... peace and light.. 


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get a deal with a tablet software company build your interface, for example, the Nabi tablets are cheaper and effective, can I say efficient or you got something else? running Android but boots asking logins details as either, Parent, teacher or student, all 3 of them got some security levels, the parent got most of the admin rights, because the student's progress comes alive, teacher's admin level sees the kid's progress for homework or assignment purpose and grade the work, parents make some inputs, student mode got everything to do with work, play, learn etc.. parents will be updated by teacher's report, a grade sheet calculation embedded, reports are generated, so everybody feels responsible, the triangle is set... the game section is unlocked when the kids performance or activities grant her or him points to unlock game with timing on it.. I hope I helped you here, coding is also messing around with stuff.. a Wayseer signing off

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