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My Voice My School

My Voice My School gives refugee children the opportunity to share their ideas about education and their future with peers around the world.

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#myvoicemyschool is a student voice project which gives young people a say in their education and future.

Palestine refugee teenagers from Syria living in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan, and their peers in three British schools took part in a pilot project supporting them to explore how education can be improved to meet their aspirations.

Over three months in autumn 2014, through live Skype video conversations and customized teaching materials, students and teachers explored the idea of quality education. Each class defined and developed a student voice project inspired by the discussion between the British and Palestine refugee students.

The classroom project provided the students the opportunity to work with different traditional and multi-media tools to share ideas internationally and to package and broadcast their finished projects to local and global audiences.

The project is implemented by the UNRWA and Digital Explorer. Digital Explorer is a London-based community interest company. It is a pioneer in the development of innovative real-world learning programmes, where global citizenship topics are explored through teacher, pupil and expert collaboration.

This  pilot phase is now completed and the programme is due to expand in 2015.

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The classroom extend gave the understudies the chance to work with various conventional and apparatuses to carve up thoughts universally and to bundle and communicate their completed undertakings to nearby and worldwide gatherings of people

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