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My Personal Story on Education

Life is an adventure through which I learned how to fit into different social situations.

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My name is Emerimana Daniel Christian an African young man, Burundian by Nationality I was born in the North Province of Burundi and I am currently living in Kakuma Refugee Camp/Kenya. I come from a lower middle class family and also a polygamous one. As a child I was expecting to be treated well by my family; instead, I have been mistreated. Even though the unhappy situation in which I grew in up; I have been receiving a hand from different people, people from different countries, tribes and also from different religions. Life was not good at all, I struggled with life in each and every ways from education to my social life. I started my basic education in the year 1995 at Bumbiri primary school where I completed my primary studies in the year 2001. Then I joined secondary in 2001-2005; I was at Buganda secondary school. I remember when I was in grade 7 at Buganda, I was to drop out from school because of school fees but I was lucky enough to have my teacher who paid for my school fees. In 2006-2009, I joined Maranatha secondary school. 

This is me when I was in grade 7. Dropping out of school was the hardest decision for me to make. Lucky enough I received a hand from my teacher who knew me as a brilliant boy and she did not want me to leave the right track of my educational journey.

When I reached Kakuma Refugee Camp/Kenya in the year 2009, I tried so many times to get back to school but due to the fact that I completed my studies back in my home country and lost my academic documents during my struggle of saving my life; it was very difficult for me to get back on the track of my educational journey. No one could believe in my claims that I have completed my secondary studies without any document proving that I have been to school. In addition to that, language barrier was also another obstacle to my will of continuing with my education. Despite all difficulties; I learned to never give up hoping that one day the light of the day will follow. I developed self-esteem which enabled me to train myself on how to become good at English and well enough, it helped me to do better during the 2011 JC-HEM’s admission process and completed my Diploma and graduated in the year 2014 with the highest academic record (3.826 out 4 GPA).

I am very grateful that the donations (JESUIT FAMILY) permitted me to pursue my dreams and goals that I have had so many years ago. JC:HEM empowered me to move from being a baker to an Assistant Supervisor at JRS center One, from there to being an Interpreter for UNHCR Resettlement Unit and from UNHCR to JC:HEM as an Alumni Facilitator. It is also the same Jc:Hem that facilitated me to be one of the OpenIdeo community champions. Believe me with JC:HEM, I realized that life change is real because it helped me to move from Zero to a Hero. I have a will of being forever grateful to all friends, relatives, family and to everyone around me and I believe that if I do so and be faithful in doingthat, I shall live a determined life.Finally, I would agree with Thomas Edison when pointed out that:“Many of life’s failures are experienced by people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” (Retrieved from: 


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