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Missed Call for education

What if you could gather in a place and give a missed call for today's class?

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This is very cool marketing initiative that Unilever created in order to reach out with product messaging to those they were unable to reach via traditional channels. 

These populations are similar in that they have few infrastructural resources. It got me wondering if we can use this similar system to deliver quality educational content to areas with few resources? 

What if we can bring in inspirational speakers and world leaders to speak to them every now and again? Can we give them a world class education?

The inherent drawback is that it is one sided but maybe with an educator on the ground we can make it interactive as well?

Any thoughts?


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That's great! I think we definitely need to use phones and other traditional media sources more ingeniously. I know that there are services that can host thousands of phone calls and a facilitator can mute them all for a speaker or let everyone vote by pressing numbers and tweeting their questions to the speakers.

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Shuai I agree. I think it's currently the cheapest and most easily available technology. It is also more reliable than most other technologies that are available. There are so many innovative ways to use them that when I see something like this campaign it just makes me realize again that smartphones aren't the only devices that can be used innovatively.

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