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Make adult education relevant, time-saving and practical

Enable working adults to earn school credits directly from work.

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Adults are usually busy with work and family. Being able to arrange time for evening classes can be a big problem while giving up day work to go to school can hurt the income. Therefore, learning opportunities must be strongly connected to their work and family. 

In my opinion, higher education provider should enable working adults to earn credit directly from the workplace. For example, when a Marketing Executive enrolls himself to the Master of Marketing Management course and is required to complete 96 credits to graduate, the school can enable him to earn 48 credits from his workplace. This can be done by, say, letting him using his own project as the assignment. His performance will then be advised and assessed by both his instructor and his direct supervisor at work. His workplace project will then be his academic project as well and hence will be assessed by his manager and his instructor as well.

By doing this, the adults learn from his own real-life cases and be advised from both his manager and lecturer. The most important aspect of this is it encourages adults to learn without spending too much time outside and enable them to earn a degree with high quality to move up. 


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Excellent idea! As a student and worker, i feel that sometimes, work experiences has taught me more than class room experience. It was quite boring to realised that my lecturer repeat the theoretical problem about the same thing and i found it was useless as well

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