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Learning by doing

Inspiring a generation of makers by using the skills of those around them

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One of the main problems that faces refugees in various parts of the world is the loss of control. They lose control over their homes, choices and everything else in their lives that makes them who they are. 

It can't be easy for anyone to just have their entire way of life destroyed resulting in them being uprooted from their homes and everything else that they have achieved so far. I have often read articles about how a lot of refugees are in fact very highly qualified individuals who are forced to take up menial jobs that make no use of the skills they worked so hard to achieve. 

What if we were to use their skills and give them back a little control? Imagine a mechanical engineer teaching a class that helps children of different ages to make things that are useful in their daily lives like a solar powered lightbulb? Or a tailor teaching kids to make clothes? Or a journalist teaching writing/storytelling? 

Learning these skills are not only useful in the long run but the curriculum can be designed to use these skill building classes to teach other subjects as well such as Maths, Languages, Science, etc. 

Things are always learnt and taught better when they are tied directly to reali-life application. We all know we would have done better at algebra if our teachers had just told us what the heck we would use it for in real life!

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Great and insightful idea