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A new mathematics teaching methodology which can help learners to learn mathematics in an easy and enjoyable way.

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I have developed a new mathematics teaching and demonstration technique. This method can help students to engage with the subject. In this method, the learner learns mathematics through applications. A laptop is mandatory. When I was in school, I faced problem in learning mathematics. Through out my professional career I tried to understand the concepts that I could not understand during my academic days. All these research materials I have added up to develop a new way for teaching mathematics. 


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Thanks for the post Chanchal! We'd love to learn more about this new teaching approach that you've developed. It'd be great to share with the OpenIDEO community more content on how this technique works, where its' been applied, and what it's called. Looking forward to hearing more!

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Majority of children around the world face math phobia-a problem associated with learning mathematics during their academic career. I personally encountered the problem when I was in Class-IX. Before that I was very good in mathematics. In Class-IX and higher classes, I was encountered with trigonometry, solid geometry, algebra, calculus, etc, where huge number of identities and formulas were required to be remembered. The problem was so acute for me that at one point of time I switched to biology as an easy option.
Every day, millions of students around the world face the problem of math phobia. I have seen that majority of failed students fails in mathematics and a large portion of the students switch to some other career where they can avoid mathematics. In my research on mathematics, I have also learned that those scored good marks in mathematics do not necessarily mean that they understand the mathematical concepts properly.
One day, I realized that the mathematics itself is not hard; the teaching methodology makes the mathematics hard to understand. I have analyzed the topics that I could not learn properly during my academic career. Earlier there was a tendency to blame the teachers but now I have realized that the problem lies somewhere else.
With those findings, I have developed a new system of mathematics teaching and demonstration technique through which students can learn advanced and complex mathematical concepts easily in a short span of time.
I think my solutions will be superior because I have tested the new mathematics teaching and demonstration technique to highly qualified professionals and students. I have conducted two day mathematics workshop on “Geometrical Interpretation of Mathematical Concepts” for Mathematics Faculties of different Engineering Colleges, Doctoral and post doctoral students of NIO, Goa and many B Tech, M tech and school students. Average rating of those math workshops were always above eighty percent. I have also applied patent for the new system which is pending in India.
Because of the new solution, there will be no math phobia among students and majority of students will choose science and technology as their career.

Because of that, regular advancement of science and technology will continue to occur for betterment of the society and a positive and creative society will emerge. A day will come when mathematics will be so simple that mathematics will top the popularity list in choice of subjects for a better career.

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It sounds exciting to find ways to connect motivation and learning. How does your approach work? Is it online or face-to-face? I work with children of refugees and immigrants and we are always searching for better ways to teach them.
Veronica Herrera

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The new system of mathematics teaching follows a mentor-mentee mode. It starts with a two day workshop and subsequently followed by online mentoring. A student of Class-VIII and above are the target group. Practicing professional can also join the program. In two days time, I teach learners about basics and with that they can able to solve many advanced and complex problems. In two days, I cover almost every mathematics topic starting from number system to advanced calculus, complex numbers, vectors, etc. Later on if some where students get stuck, they are encouraged to contact me through online media immediately. There will be 24 hour support. On 10th and 11th April 2015, I will be conducting two days mathematics workshop for Mathematics Faculties of different Engineering Colleges under Gujarat Technological University, India. The links of the circular is attached for reference: This can be a very effective mathematics technique. If you want to conduct few mathematics workshops then contact me at