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IKEA Refuge Shelters

IKEA Foundation is working with UNHCR to develop weatherproof sustainable refuge shelters through the Better Shelter program

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When you think about spaces who better than IKEA to look at for inspiration. The brand has made a significant business in designing small spaces more effectively, creating easy to transport packaging and easy to assemble furniture. 

Thinking beyond the bookshelf IKEA and the IKEA Foundation has partnered with the UNHCR to develop sustainable living shelters for refugees.  

The shelters take four hours to assemble and are designed to last three years. For refugees bracing for harsh weather conditions, that's a huge difference — conventional refugee shelterstypically last around six months.

It solves one of the most basic needs in Maslow's hierarchy that of shelter, of feeling safe. 

IKEA mentions a long term partnership that can translate to repurposing these to houses to schools and other structures in refugee camps. This will help give the children and adults a safe place to learn and an uninterrupted education.

You can read the details about these shelters here & watch the video to see what they look like.


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Nice one Mansi! I checked out the Mashable article and noticed that there're a lot of great photos of the Ikea shelter prototypes. It'd be great to add some of these images to your post so everyone will be able to check it out more easily:)

Photo of Mansi Parikh

Thanks Shane. I just figured out why the video image was going before the other image I had up!