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Documentary about Syrian refugees' camps

This documentary talks about Syrian refugees' camps in Turkey, It compares between a mediocre camp and one of the best camps .

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I found this video very relative to our challenge, it will give us small insight how same of the refugees live, the video is talking about refugees that are living in two different camp classes ( Mediocre camp and one of the best camp).

P.S  Camp : is the name of the place that countries host the refugees in . 

P.S  This is a video of vey famous program in the middle east (KHAWTER), this episode made back in 2013 talks about Syrian refugees and how Turkey hosted them, I tried to find one with English subtitle but I couldn't thats why Im going to translate some of  relative quotes 


* There around 1,000,000 Syrian refugees, and there are 24 camp for the refugees : 2 in Jordan, 4 in Irag and 18 camp in Turkey.

* In this documentary we went to two camp : 1- One of the best Camp , 2-Mediocre Camp 

* (In the video minute 3:12) you can see an top view for  one of the camp, people live in the white tents, in this camp there are 1850 tents and there are 10500 refugees live in them . 

*  Every refugee is given an ID, ID contains: name, address , age, also they provide each of them with 50$ card (the card get recharged) they can go and buy things from the market located at the camp 

*(In the video minute 6:08) :  The cashier girl used to be dentist before she forced to leave her country.

* Some camps allow refugees to go out and some camps don't, in this (mediocre) camp refugee can go out when ever they want , after requesting a permission  

* In "the mediocre" camp have; police station, hospital, fire station . 

* In "of the best" camps : inside houses you can find water and bathrooms 

* in "of the best" camps : It has laundry room for all the refugees that live in the camp 

* from the anchorman research ; some of the countries "to some degree" opened their local school to refugees to study and some still are not 

* In one "of the best" camps in the video (not all camps) : the school has the standers that any other local school outside the camp has. 

* Other camps allow education to be the same as the education of the refugees' country  .

Those are the quotes that I found relative to our research ! 


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Very revealing inspiration Ahmed. And thank you for taking the time to translate the documentary. Do you know what's causing the disparatiy between the "mediocre" and "best" camps? Do refugees have to option to transfer to nearby camp that has better conditions?

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Thank you !!
I don't have clear answer I'll research and get back to you !

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