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Best way to expose adult to new learning opportunities.

Just like any other oriented learners, adult students need very friendly learning environment where they can easily interact & share ideas.

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We need to rethink so much on how to encourage the adult students both those who come out wanting to invest in their education without forgetting those, who need to be told or push to do so. This can be possible by creating conducive and friendly learning environment, that can grant them the hope and the courage to concentrate with learning activities.  And we too need teachers who can vary their approaches or teaching strategies that can suit their interest as well. They need to be provided with the audio visual, realia and many others in making learning so interesting. By so doing, we would achieved the set goal for the adult education.


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Hello Owaa,

I too have posted a project idea within this BridgeBuilder Challenge.

It lives here on the OpenIDEO platform:

The project title is 'Education for All: Necessary Inclusion of Adult Literacy for Sustainable Development' and we're an adult literacy focused Initiative with the mandate of providing free adult basic education for uneducated Nigerians.

Your project idea is very inspiring and perhaps there is a way that we can work together to benefit both of us and ultimately the people we want to help/work with on their journeys toward more knowledge, power, control and happiness in their lives.

However there are ways we can help each other out right now within this OpenIDEO challenge arena.

Are you aware that each of us here within the OpenIDEO can be become members of each other's teams?

It is not hard to do and it is a good thing to do so that you and I can each share with each other and show the community that we are working together in support of each other - since there are so many things we share in common as far as what we want our projects to do for our peoples.

I would be happy to become a team member with you in support of your project, if you would like to do the same with me.

Once we make that kind of connection then we can proceed ahead as the next few months unfold in support of each other and our projects.

It's a pleasure to meet you in this environment. It is good and challenging to be here reaching out around the globe to others in support of a better life and a better world for us all.

Enjoy your day!

Segun Abiri
Founder/Executive Officer,
Literacy for Adult and Education for Women Initiative (LADEWIN), Nigeria

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