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The peer-to-peer, self-guided learning platform.

Dev4X is an open community project that is developing a self-schooling platform, empowering children to teach themselves and their friends.

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There are children that cannot go to school because they live in refugee camps, poverty or conflicts areas. There are some ways the world is trying to address this, mostly by building more schools and training more teachers, but these approaches are too slow, and we are failing these children.

Dev4X is developing an autonomous self-schooling platform that can empower these children to teach themselves and empower them to become the teachers of their peers.

A tablet based platform preloaded with 2+ years of learning, an engaging skills map to explore and social peer-to-peer learning modes to drive engagement and depth of learning. A platform able to run on low cost tablets, charged off solar power, and able to operate standalone, disconnected from the internet and traditional forms of support.

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School teachers don't really have a PhD. "Instructor" propose they may not. At any rate, that isn't your inquiry. School teachers are significantly less intrigued by understudies who don't do their work and have substantially higher behavioral desires.

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